The stunning truth about the Democrats

Preface: A few words from the author

Many people don’t know the truth… The REAL truth about the Democrats and the left. Generally speaking, the left is comprised mostly of the Democrats, they are the largest group. Then there’s the progressives, the socialists, and the communists. The other groups in existence today are just extremists with mostly Democratic beliefs mixed with beliefs from the other government types.

Like most, the scary thing is, they really don’t know what those governments are really all about, and feel that the United States can to it better. The thing is, we can’t. This country was never set up to be anything but a capitalist society. If we should become any other type of society, this nation along with many others would fail. Economies of other nations depend on our economy to do well. The left doesn’t seem to realize that.

The intention of this document is not to put anyone down. It is to inform, and to educate, and hopefully change the path of many so that a civil war doesn’t happen that I can so clearly see happening because the left has become so violent as of late. My hope is that after reading this document, people will see the light so to speak and stop the hate. President Trump and the Republicans are not the evil ones as the mainstream media, the left, and the Democrats portray them to be.

I would also like to point out that the term liberal is misused in the United States by most of the population, including the media. Liberal is supposed to be short for Libertarian. In no way is the left wing liberal in any way, shape or form. I have Libertarian friends and they do not behave like the so called “liberals” of the left wing. In this document, the term liberal is not used for that very reason. Also, a Libertarian is literally someone that is someone that is neither left nor right wing. A person of this political alignment usually sits squarely in the middle of things. The info graphic that I have later in this document will show this. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

With all of that said, please keep an open mind, and I hope that you enjoy my document! If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to Tweet me on Twitter, my handle is @ryutorahamilton. Be sure to share this post with your leftist friends and family so that everyone learns the truth about the deceptive left!

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Introduction: Types of Governments

 Government Types

Types of governments in America (This is out of date, fascist can mean left or right wing)

Know Your Enemies

Know Your Enemies

Know your friends and enemies!

Democrats, Communists, Socialists, Nazis, the KKK, AntiFa, BLM, The  Nazis, and the Progressives. What do all of these things have in common? The American political left wing. Before you stop me, give me the chance to explain.

Like many Americans that grew up in the 80’s I was taught to fear the Communists, that the USSR is our enemy, that Nuclear War was right around the corner. Any movie buff will tell you that many of the movies from that period will reflect just that. For that was on most of our minds as a collective.

President Reagan was in office at the time. Our military was strong, our Deficit was large, we had the ‘Star Wars’ program, and we were united as a nation to fight the Communist threat under our Commander-in-Chief. So what happened? I’ll get to that answer later, but the answer is quite simple, really and it is no one person’s fault. Not in my opinion anyway.

First, we should concentrate on the root of all the problems of our great country: The Democrat Party. We will start at its inception.

Section 1: The Democratic Party Inception and the Civil War

The Democratic Party inception took place on March 20th 1854 when the Republican Party was formed. The remainder of congress was the Democrat Party. Those are the congressmen that were upset that the tariffs on the southern textiles were higher than on the imports. According to ‘this day in history’. The following election as history tells us Abraham Lincoln won the election, and history was set on its course.

The laws taxed the domestic southern companies heavily due to special interest groups, whereas the imported goods had no taxes, and were less expensive. This is what had caused the split in congress, and made the Democrat and Republican Parties.

Moving on, the Democrat run states ceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. All because they were in short, greedy. In effort to garner to support for the war with the Confederate States, President Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all the slaves in the rebel states. Thus changing the main reason for the Civil War. This is the reason that history remembers.

In the end the United States wins the Civil War, and the country does reunite, as we know from history. Which brings us to our next section…on the Klu Klux Klan or the KKK.

Section 2: The Southern Democrats and the Klu Klux Clan (The KKK)

‘According to Grant, Reconstruction and the KKK,’ In 1865 the Southern Democrats founded the Klu Klux Klan or The KKK. Their mission, to disrupt the reclamation of the southern states into the union and harass both black and white Republicans. The KKK actually dies out after a period of time.

It does resurface again with Nazi beliefs in 1950s with Nazi beliefs. Hatred of Jews, blacks, and Catholics. Also taking on the swastika, the flag of the Nazis, and even socialistic beliefs, ties them to the left wing than the right. Even if they call themselves right wing, they are not. The KKK is pure Democrat, due to the socialistic beliefs and the racist beliefs that they carry.

Section 3: Voting rights for Blacks and Women

In 1920, Congress passed legislation allowing women to vote. Again, if you look up the voting records, you will see that the bill got little to no support from the Democrat legislators, and got almost full support from the GOP held Senate.

Then in 1965, Congress passed legislation into law allowing blacks the right to vote. If you look up the voting records you will find that the bill received little votes from the Democrat legislators. But it had just about full support from the GOP held Senate.

Just because the President whom signed it into law was Democrat, doesn’t mean the legislators (the people representing the people in the states i.e. the Democrats) wanted it to happen. You can find all this information on the congress website.

Section 4: Democrats, Socialism, Nazis, and Hitler

First, let’s start with the definition of Nazi. Nazi is a slang. It is short for National Socialist. Which means it is not a term for someone on the right. It is a term for someone on the left. Moving on, the full name of Hitler’s party was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. Which translated means: National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Now, where in that does that sound like a Republican? No, that is a Democrat through and through.

Hitler’s party was socialist. If you did any research into it, you will find that it is true. In fact, he even admitted to it. Nazis were socialists. Hitler hated communists. He was a fascist, yes, but not a right wing fascist. He was a left wing one. Fascist can mean left or right wing, go look it up. In fact, you can enter ‘definition of fascist’ in the Google search engine and you will see the same result.

It the progressives and the  Democrats in Germany that had elected Hitler into power in Germany. It was from there that Hitler worked his way up the chain of command and took over Germany. Similarly, this is how many of the communists and socialist governments in the world came into power.

The funny thing is that no one especially the Democrats and the left want to be associated with the Nazis, but they want the same thing as Hitler does, and they’re behaving just like Hitler did as well. In the end it was all the left wing… They were responsible for putting Hitler into power, they want socialism and communism, they support dictatorship.

The right want to conserve the founding father’s freedoms, and what was stated in the constitution. All those that call yourselves Democrats have been lied to for years.

Some Ways How the Democrats and the Nazis are alike:

  • Everything is about race. Hitler was about the master race and hating the Jews, the Democrats are all about what race a person is (it shouldn’t matter).
  • Hitler hated the Jews who are basically Christian, the left hates Christians as well.
  • They make up issues like Hitler did to make themselves relevant (hence the racial and sexual discrimination). Hitler made up that everything was the Jew’s fault.
  • They both destroyed monuments. While the Democrats have not done so, the other more radical left wing groups have, and they have not spoken out about it or done anything about it. Silence is acceptance.
  • Indoctrination: they allow teachers in schools not to say the pledge of allegiance, they teach children about Islam, but not about Christianity. They even stop teaching American history in schools so that they can teach their own twisted view of the world, as Hitler did during his reign. Look, they don’t even teach cursive writing in school anymore!
  • The Democrat president during World War II allowed the use of Intern Camps where all American Asians were placed. Just as Hitler did with the Jews.
  • The Democrat president during World War II used weapons of mass destruction (like Hitler did, he had his V2 rockets, which he used against England), against Japan in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
  • Hitler had gun control. Just as the Democrats want and have in Chicago.
  • Hitler had single payer Healthcare. Just as the Democrats want.
  • Hitler had free secondary education. Just as the Democrats want.
  • Hitler had “Political correctness”. He told everyone that ships were to be called him not her. Because a ship that they had was so large it was too big to be a she.
  • Hitler was a self proclaimed Socialist. The Democrats want more Socialism here in America.
  • Hitler loved the occult and paganism. Just as the left does, and the Democrats support it. Proof of this is According to FOX news, Minnesota, a Democrat state has allowed a satanic monument to be put up in a military cemetery citing freedom of expression and religion. No, they just don’t like Christians, because before hand, a Christian monument was removed and put back because of protests.
  • Democrats love to regulate people’s lives. Example to point; Hawaii’s law of banning use of electronics during crossing the street, now use of electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs) and smoke tobacco in vehicles. You purchased hat vehicle, you have every right to smoke tobacco or use E-Cigs (vape) in that vehicle. The Nazis and Hitler regulated many things as well. That included who could procreate, who would live and die (anyone with any kind of mental of physical defect would die of course German or not). What the Democrats are doing aren’t much different.
  • Hitler and the Nazis passed judgment on millions, labeling them as inferior because they didn’t meet up with expectations, their expectations. The Democrats and the left are doing this now, with their labels of racist, xenophobic, etc. All because someone doesn’t agree with theirs.

Author’s Note: The graphic in the introduction is out of date, as I’ve said above, fascist can mean either left wing or right wing.

Section 5: Democrats and World War II

During World War II, Democrat Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt & Truman had authorized two of the biggest atrocities of the 20th century. They had authorized the use of the atomic weapons on Japan at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and they had also authorized the use of intern camps to imprison American Asians into during the war. They had done nothing wrong.

Imprisonment without regards to their constitutional rights, but many of the Americans like Senator Daniel Inouye had served America in the famous Army regiment 442nd infantry.

Section 6: Marxism & The Left

Karl Marx theorized about socialism and how it was a transitional point between capitalism and Communism.  So socialism is nothing new for the left. It’s all about social engineering, telling people what to do, who should be what job, who should procreate, and who should not, etc. It doesn’t get more racist and sexist than that. What, you didn’t hear about China restricting the birth of certain sexes of babies? That’s the left, socialism and communism for you.

The left fears losing their rights to the government, but they want socialism which is basically giving more freedoms (choices) away to the government so that they can have “free stuff”. There is no such thing as free because the working class pays for it.  Ultimately, most (except Hitler, he hated communists) socialist leaders want Communism (this is what is written by Karl Marx), which is a dictatorship. I don’t know why people don’t see that.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition of Marxism is:

the political, economic, and social principles and policies advocated by Marx; especially :a theory and practice of socialism (see socialism 3) including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society

So, Marxism to put things in a layman’s point of view is socialism. To gain power, and popularity in all cases of left wing dictators coming to power, this includes Mussolini and Hitler, they used people’s fears and current hatred of certain people. For Hitler, it was the Jewish, and the Communists. For Mussolini, it was the government. For the Democrats and the left wing in the United States, its President Trump, the White People, straight males, Christians, Patriots, and traditionalists/conservatives.

For more information see my post Socialism, Communism, & Marxism

Section 7: Communism, The Democrats, and Brainwashing

The final section of my informative paper, is about the audience that this is aimed towards the Democrat whom is reading this right now, or whom may not have even gotten this far because you feel its full of bull. Either way it suits me just fine. For those whom have decided to keep reading, thank you. Here is the final section.

The first thing that anyone does when they want to take over is to take over the media. Notice that all Democrats and people from the left wing say the EXACT same things the EXACT same way? That’s no coincidence. Notice that when a Republican questions a Democrat or someone from the left wing, they usually have no real answers for them? That’s no coincidence either.

Next, they take control of the money. That’s what George Soros has done. Why they keep so many people on welfare. Why they want to put people on single payer healthcare and on Medicaid. Keep the people poor and dependant on the government, they can’t resist total Government control.

Gun Control: Take their guns away, they can’t fight back. The Government can control everything.  When invaded they have no defense except their military. This one is self explanatory, and rather simple. Good example, look at Chicago.

Infiltrate the schools: Control what they learn. Stop teaching history. Let them forget what their country is really all about, instill new values. (This is similar to what Hitler did when he burned all the books)

Destroy statues and landmarks: This is again akin to what Hitler did, and the communists did in Russia when they took over. (This is also what AntiFa and the progressives is doing now)

Cause violence and riots: This is the same tactics that the communists used in Europe. Again, AntiFa, the progressives, and BLM are doing now.

Hillary supporters support AntiFa: Yes, you heard correct. AntiFa had even tweeted about how great it was to have their support. It was in more than one state too. Check the links in my references, you’ll see.

AntiFa is communist they even said so. CNN and the Washington post seem to be praising them as good guys, but they’re wrong communism is never good. Communism is what we fought in the cold war. Unlike what many may think, there is no way we could do it any better.

Again, it was the progressives and the Democrats in Germany that put Hitler and the Nazi party into power before World War II. If you don’t believe me, go and do some in depth research in the library. The truth is more easily to find in books, not on the internet, there are too many lies and misinformation on the internet. The academics and scholars rely on books for research as well, not just the internet.

The Democrats and the left are being brainwashed with old Soviet Bloc Tactics. It’s called indoctrination. I encourage you to look it up. I decided to be Republican when I was a teen for a good reason. Even all those years ago, I could see the Democrats were liars back then as well. It is my hope that many will see through their lies as well, and stop the hate. Thank you for taking the time to read my paper!

Section 8: Further Reading

If you’re interested in reading further about this topic, and are new to this particular subject, I suggest that you avoid any mainstream media sites on the internet. Perhaps contact a conservative and ask questions. I’m sure that they would be happy to help you learn the truth about America. Even better just go to the library and do some research on American history, that’s the truth that the Democrats and the left don’t want you to know.

Watch FOX news, read conservative websites. They contain unbiased information. You’ll see the stark contrast between the information presented.

Section 9: References




Democrats and the Left Wing are racist

Democrats and all the parties on the left wing are racist. Why? In this post I will attempt to cover most of the reasons why. Most are common sense, and I don’t know why people just don’t see it.

  • Democrats and their Identity politics are inherently racist. Why? It’s always, what race are you? What race are they? It’s not, We’re all American, we’re all in this together.
  • It was the Democrats founded the KKK.
  • The KKK is still Leftist today with Socialist beliefs and its white supremacy.
  • The Black Panthers also all about protesting (Something the left loves to do) only blacks in that group is racist.
  • AntiFa is racist (they’re communist), they only target white people.
  • Socialism has been known to be racist. (Look at Hitler and the Jews. Hitler was a Socialist)
  • Democratic President Allowed the usage of Intern-camps where all Asians and only Asians were put into during WWII. That’s racist.
  • When it came time to free the slaves, Democrats pulled out of the union and started the Civil War.
  • When it came time to give the blacks the right to vote, it got little to no support from the Democrats.
  • When it came time to integrate the schools, it was the Democrats that was against that too.
  • And today when it comes to oppression, look at the Democrats trying to oppress the conservatives trying to get the truth out over their communist propaganda.

Charles Manson: dead at 83

While I can’t say that I’ll miss this person, I will say only that I am writing this post before some stupid leftist says that Manson was a Republican. The whole honest truth was he had no interest in politics. If you look at how he looked at things, he was a Democrat. Legalize drugs, wanted to start a race war like that shooter in the Charleston church shooting. He was definitely a leftist. Only leftists care about race. The right could care less. Look at history, that is my proof. When in history has the right/republicans done anything to be racist? Now look at the left/Democrats. Look how many! Anyhow. Let’s get on with the list:

  • Drugs (Usage: Weed/legal/illegal/etc.)
  • Racist (With Manson his whole plan evolved around race, just like the Democrat’s political platform).
  • Didn’t support law enforcement
  • Hated the rich/upper class.
  • Felt entitled to things (fame, power, etc.)
  • Believed in the occult. (Hitler and the Nazis!)
  • The Swastika on his forehead (Again the Nazis)


Who is Left and who is Right Wing

Since there seems to be much confusion about who is left or right-wing I will write a factual no bullshit post about what political party/group belongs where. This is historically and factually accurate up to the present day. With that said, let us begin with the Left Wing:

Left Wing Groups and Parties:

  • Radical Far left: Communism (No Country has ever made it to full communism), a Dictatorship where the government decides EVERYTHING. Who procreates, who lives where, who gets what, who does what job.
  • Radical Far Left: AntiFa. This group claims to be Communist. Take a good look. This is Communism at it’s best. Communism is not good, if they don’t get their way, they will use violence and fear to enforce what they want. Is that how you want to live?
  • Radical Left Transitional Socialism (Example: Venezuela, North Korea, China) Why? Because China trades with other countries, to be full socialist, they can not trade with other countries. Also they have Hong Kong which is capitalist. The Soviet Union came close as well, but could never achieve full communism as described by Marx)
  • Radical Left Transitional Dictatorship Socialism (Example: Nazi Party & Mussolini’s Fascist PartyWhy? Because Hitler was a Socialist, a National Socialist, whom believed in racial purity, that’s what national socialism is. Communism doesn’t have that belief. Mussolini spent time with the Socialists in Switzerland before breaking off to make the Fascist Party, so most of the party’s beliefs would have been Socialist in nature.
  • Radical Left: The KKK. The KKK was created by the Democrat party after the Civil War to disrupt the reclamation of the southern states back into the Union and harass Republicans. Today, it is a Socialist organization with National Socialist beliefs. Therefore, it makes them Left Wing, not Right.
  • Radical Left: BLM. Similar to the Black Panthers, the KKK, and AntiFa, they are no better. They use violence and fear to get what they want. Just as racist as the rest of the left wing, they use the same platform as the rest of the organizations here… “For the people” BLM is not for anyone but themselves.
  • Radical Left: Democratic Party. No example needed here. Because of the identity politics and the Democrat Party’s racist and sexist history (see my post The Stunning Truth about The Democrats), you should be able to see the clear link here.

The Right Wing Political Groups and Parties:

  • Dictatorship – Government is more important than the person, where not as strict as communism, there is little to no freedom. Think of Hitler and Mussolini, the Kings and Queens.
  • Extreme Right: Tea Party. These are the the Republicans that want to only stand by the original Constitution as written by our Forefathers. These are true conservatives.
  • Conservatives– This group are the people trying to keep the core values of the country in place, the ones that came with the Pilgrims. The traditional families, Americana, the things that make America, America. They do care about the other matters, but they want to conserve Americas values and traditions, that’s what sets them apart for the Republicans.
  • Republicans- This group makes up the bulk of the Right wing, and is the main stream of the Right Wing. They more or less have the same values as the conservatives, but put less emphasis on them and tend to focus more on other matters. So yes, one can be a Conservative and a Republican.


Socialism, communism, & Marxism


What many don’t know is the fact that all three of these things are basically the same thing. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition of Marxism is:

the political, economic, and social principles and policies advocated by Marx; especially :a theory and practice of socialism (see socialism 3) including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society

So, Marxism to put things in a layman’s point of view is socialism. To gain power, and popularity in all cases of left wing dictators coming to power, this includes Mussolini and Hitler, they used people’s fears and current hatred of certain people. For Hitler, it was the Jewish, and the Communists. For Mussolini, it was the government. For the Democrats and the left wing in the United States, its President Trump, the White People, straight males, Christians, Patriots, and traditionalists/conservatives.


Now the definition of socialism from the same source:

a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Now, basically socialism, is what the former USSR, China, North Korea, and Venezuela is at today. Full socialism is not attainable for various reasons. The main one is that the lazy will always be lazy, and the Government will always be corrupt.


Now, let’s look at the definition of Communism:

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition is:

a :a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism and Marxism-Leninism that was the official ideology of the U.S.S.R.
b :a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production
c :a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably
d :communist systems collectively

What you can do

Stop voting left wing / Democrat. Spread the word. Support your local Republican Party. Vote Republican. Stop watching the broadcast news stations. Watch Fox news only, they’re the only ones that aren’t biased. Do in-depth research about political things you hear. Trust me, you’ll find that most things that CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and NBC says about President Trump, and the Republicans is false.

Democrats don’t learn

Looking at events today and the violence and the hate coming from the radical left and the Democrat Party, they haven’t changed since the colonial period of the United States. It is true what they say. If you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it. Democrats love to repeat history. They love violence, it’s in their nature. I call the following to your attention.

May 22, 1856: The Caning of Senator Charles Sumner

On this day, Senator Charles Sumner was delivering testimony on if Kansas should be admitted into the Union as a free state or as a slave state according to During his testimony, Representative Preston Brooks enters the Senate chamber and begins to hit Senator Sumner with his metal topped cane.

Everyone too stunned by the act of violence to do anything did aid the Senator after the attack.

Looking at the Democrat that shot Representative Scalise this year, the spewing of unneeded hatred towards President Trump, and pushing a false narrative to propagate this hatred, plus the destruction of monuments across the country, it makes you wonder if the Democrats learned anything from the past at all.

So quick to point fingers. Calling Republicans and President Trump hateful and Racist, when it is the Democrats and the left that has proven time and time again that it is the left and the Democrats that is racist. If you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest that you read my post, The Stunning Truth About The Democrats. In there, you will see that it is the Democrats that are racist and hateful, not the Republicans.

In the end, the only violent and evil people are the Democrats. That is the truth. They don’t learn from history and keep repeating it.

Word of the day: fascism


Yes, today’s word of the day is fascism. The definition of this word per Merriam Webster Dictionary is: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

According to the BBC, Mussolini had created this political party when he parted ways with the Socialists during World War I. He wanted to enter World War I, but they did not. So, when people say that fascism is a right wing political party they are incorrect. It is a left wing party, because Mussolini had many Socialist beliefs, and he would have merged many of those beliefs into his new party. Moreover, either left and right wing can be fascists by pure definition. So to label anyone a fascist doesn’t mean anything but that they’re a dictator. Which President Donald Trump is not. That is the Democrat Party and the radical left wing.

It is the not the right the loves to regulate and control everything, that is the sole domain of the left wing and the Democrats. That they can not deny.


Typical Democrat.

I just had a Democrat call me racist over my post about Los Vegas. I can’t post the contents of the comment or allow the comment to go live in the comments of the post due to the foul language of the post. Anyhow, this lady called me a racist because it didn’t align with her beliefs! What a maroon. She had no real argument, no real proof to back herself up, but called me a racist. That post had nothing to do with race at all. Typical Democrat. Everything is about race. Sad.

They always talk about freedom of speech, but that’s only when it aligns with their beliefs and their little views of the world. If it doesn’t, you’re a racist.

As I’ve posted in the about section of this blog, we do not care about political correctness here, this blog is written by conservatives for conservatives. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!

In the end you Democrats can bite my shiney metal ass!

The recent events in Vegas…

Democrats are distasteful, evil, hypocrites… Now they’re using the deaths of innocent people to push their agendas in congress. That’s just evil. Instead of taking time out and going on national TV and asking for the country, and their fellow Democrats to stop the hate, and all the protests; they chose to continue to push their identity politics and gun control (Reference Democrat Senator Schatz asking for more gun control the very day after the Vegas shooting on the Senate floor). That’s just plain disgusting, but it’s a typical Democrat move, and it’s not surprising. They focus on the hate, not the healing. That’s the Democrats and the left for you.

Anyhow, this is my take on what I’ve been able to gather from sources off of the internet. I do not necessarily trust what I get from the media. I think that there’s a cover up going on, and I think it’s going on above the media’s head in this case… I think this may be going on at the federal government level…Because the LEOs seem to be involved, and I wouldn’t doubt if some Democrat had something to do with the main reason for the cover up.

I do not believe what the media is saying about the there being no motive. There was a motive. The guy was leftist more than likely, brainwashed by the liberal left, and wanted to gun down conservatives. This shooting doesn’t match ISIS’ MO. What better place to do it at than a country music concert? Why? Country music is usually about everything that the left hates. The flag, Americana, traditional families, love for the country, fighting for the country, being a patriot, etc. All the things that the left hate and are protesting right now.

As far as him travelling? Doubtful, I think that the evidence may have been planted… Come on here, anyone with any common sense has got to know that when someone starts shooting like that, and people are dead, it’s a one way ticket to the morgue. The LEOs are going to shoot you on sight, they’re not going to yell, “Freeze, drop the weapon”. They’re going to shoot your ugly ass, and get rid of the damned threat.

There was more than one person shooting as well. I’ve seen more than one video of the shooting, and can hear shots from two different distances. One seems farther than the other, and both are automatic gunfire, not handguns either.

What was said about the 36th floor was bullshit. From eyewitness and video on YouTube, it’s plain to see that it happened on about the 10th floor or so of the hotel in question. So there is some deliberate misinformation being fed to the public about what actually happened that night. While I’m sure that there is probably a good and rational explanation for it, they’re not telling us for a good reason. Moreover, when all of this took place most people didn’t even seem alarmed by it in the lobby of the Mandalay Bay. They may have all thought it was part of the show? But security was very lax, too laxed for this event.

In my opinion, I feel that security fucked up in allowing that guy into the event with all those weapons. How could anyone miss all those weapons that he was carrying? Then when he started shooting, no one took action right away. Why was there no off duty LEOs on duty at the event? I thought they usually hired off duty LEOs at the events to assist with security, and they’re usually armed. Also with all those people on site, why didn’t anyone run and call the LEOs? Rhetorical question.

Now on to the million dollar question. Would gun legislation have helped stop this tragedy from happening? Highly unlikely. Why? Because criminals don’t care about the laws. That guy with all his planning would have found a way to get the weapons and all the ammunition anyway, gun laws or not. Even if he didn’t plan, he would have found a way because, he needed the guns.

The left’s thinking of banning side arms/rifles/etc. just doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t lower or eradicate all gun violence. In all reality, it still happens. Just recently on September 16th 2007, a teenager killed someone with a sidearm in Waikiki… He wounded two others. Strict laws doesn’t help anything. What America needs is responsible people, with the correct education.