Technology & Star Trek


Modern technology is truly a blessing…at times.  It’s only wonderful when it works…  and  a pain when it doesn’t.  Just 20 years ago if you told me that I would have a computer in the palm of my hand capable of sending and receiving messages and making telephone calls, I would’ve told you that you’re nuts.  Of course even when working, technology is a pain…  You could be doing something important when a call or message comes in.  I’ve had that happen on numerous occasions, to make matters worse, the call isn’t even important.

These days everything has computers in it…  Your washer and dryer, microwave, TV, cable box, land line phones, vehicles, watches, etc.  You’re using computers everyday and just don’t realize it.

One man foresaw all of this coming, although.  His name was Gene Roddenberry.  He foresaw tablet computers (PADDs), mobile phones (communicators), and talking computers…  Your phone can talk with the right software, your desktop and laptop as well.  No spaceships, or first contact, although.  His ideas were so advanced, that NASA had even honored him and his creation by naming one of their shuttles Enterprise.  For the non-Trekkers out there, Gene Roddenberry is the original creator of Star Trek.  The man was so great that he continued working even through old age.  He passed away during the Star Trek: Next Generation Era.  You can tell when he passed away due to the stories lacking his creative insight started appearing.


So, the next time you watch any of the Star Trek Episodes, or any of the movies, remember the man that foresaw all of this coming Gene Roddenberry.  For all those whom wish to learn more about this great man can go to They have a short bio there about their founder Gene Roddenberry.


Epic Titanfall Titan Combat

This is just EPIC! I owned those guys. LOL I normally don’t pull off plays like this… In fact, this is the first time that I got an epic play like this.

I hopped into my Titan, and swung around to fight another Titan, put it into doomed status (titan kill 1), then as soon as I turn around another Titan attacked me, I fought back. My opponent backed off, I pursued. My opponent sent my Titan into doomed state so I acted fast, I dashed towards him as my auto eject went off, and my Titan exploded, killing 2 more Titans AND their pilots (Titan Kills 2 & 3, and Pilot kills 1 & 2)!

Anyhow, check it out! 😀

COD: Ghosts VS. Battlefield 4

The debate among all FPS players is: which is better Ghosts or Battlefield 4?  Personally, I prefer COD: Ghosts because of all the different game play modes that the game has to offer.  That and the DLC available for the game is much better, and the storyline is thought out much more for the campaign.  COD did great in black ops with the zombie add-in, and did an even better job with the Extinction add on for Ghosts.

I like playing the Squads mode where as long as you play on Xbox LIVE (even in solo mode versus the AI), you can take all your earned XP and upgrades with you to the normal multiplayer.  The same goes for the Alien Extinction add on.  As long as you play solo on LIVE, you can take the XP, and all the abilities with you to the normal multiplayer Extinction.  And even if you don’t play with anyone else, it gives players that don’t like to play multiplayer modes with others, the option of playing those modes by themselves increasing the re-play value of the game.  More of a kudos goes to COD because even Alien Extinction has a story line for you to follow, so it’s like having a game within a game.  The only downside is that unless you brought the season pass the 4 parts the story is going to be released in is rather pricy. Of course the unknown is if they’re going to continue the story line past the 4th DLC or not.  They’re already working on COD: Advanced Warfare.

Now Battlefield is like any other military type FPS style game.  No explanation necessary.  Reminds me of Halo, only more boring.  And speaking of Halo, I feel that 343 studios and Microsoft should give the franchise a rest.  The Master Chief ended the war.  Sheesh, give him an honorable discharge.

Anyhow, if you were to ask me which game to buy, I’d definitely recommend COD: Ghosts.  Battlefield is way too boring for my tastes, and since I don’t always like to play multiplayer with others, the replay value just isn’t there.  It isn’t Titanfall, the best FPS multiplayer game to ever be made…  But that’s for another post.

Shameless Plug…

Shameless Plug…

This is a shameless plug for my friend’s community on Google+.  Here you can talk about the games you’re currently playing, the ones upcoming, share trailers, etc.  It’s not restricted by platform talk about any game or platform that you wish.  Currently we only have people that know Xbox 360 & One, and PS3.  Even if we don’t know the console, feel free to talk about it anyway, we love to keep up with all the gaming fads.

You can visit her site here.

Multiplayer Games…

Being a COD: Ghosts Extinction and Titanfall player I have come to realize many things. Many things that annoy the heck out of me. Why do I keep playing? I love the games, not the players.

In Extinction where everyone is supposed to play as a team, no one does. They care about thier own K/D ratio, getting addons by searching, or keeping themselves alive more than completing the objective of destroying the hives and protecting the drill. Hell, those players don’t even drop supplies for the rest of the team to use. They’re hoarding money probably so they can get thier drones/turrets.

In Titanfall its the same thing. People camp (the only time I approve of camping is during CTF or Hard point domination), then there’s people that purposely hunt down the players that they know are weak and keep killing them. Then there are those who just pick one person no matter who it is to pick on (those people are just being d*cks if you ask me).

I guess its my gripe that in team types of matches/games no one plays as a team. From what I’ve heard many people complain about are the minors pulling the camping and causing general problems by bullying people.

The parents are to blame for buying them M rated games. The ratings are there to protect thier children (smh). If parents supervised their children more, and not use a gaming console as a baby sitter, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Nevertheless, no matter how much I complain, I will keep playing because I like the games, I won’t let the juveniles or anyone else stop me from having fun.

Fair weather Fans

I’ve been a KC Chiefs fan now for over 10 years.  From their mediocre seasons, to their worse season, to their best season in years.  I am and I always will be a KC Chiefs fan.  Fair weather fans annoy me.  When their team is doing well, they brag and blab about it to everyone they know.  They even go out and buy team gear (shirts, jerseys, etc.).  But as soon as their team starts to do badly, they either don’t want to talk about it or say that that was really never their team.  There’s only one thing that annoys me more is those with more than one team, but that’s for another post.

I can remember that year where the Niners made it to the Super Bowl again.  In the bars and at work that’s all I heard about from people how the Niners were so great.  Even those who said they didn’t like football or said they didn’t have a team were suddenly Niner fans.  Even at the local Lids Locker Room store, the Niners jerseys were flying off the racks.  So hyped and talking crap to everyone.  I was glad when the super bowl finally came on (I figured if they win I’d hear about it less, if they lost not at all).

Well, the day of the game came, and at the bar that we were at 99% of the patrons were rooting for the Niners…  Then there was the 1%… Me and a few others rooting for the AFC/Ravens (I wasn’t rooting for the Ravens, I was rooting for my conference).  They were loud and boisterous…  Until they started losing and the Ravens started dominating the game.  You could hear a few people cheering, other than that, it was as quiet as a graveyard.  The Ravens took the championship, and I gloated inwardly (LOL).  Finally, I’ll hear the ending of the boasting and the trash talk from the Niners fans.

Anyhow, that’s why I cant stand fair weather fans. They annoy me.  OK, rant done.


P.S.: Go Chiefs!

No Simple Answer

I remember watching a George Carlin act where he talked about the planet.  Save the planet.  That’s a novel idea.  How can we save the planet when we as a species can’t even save ourselves?  It was Whitney Houston that once sung, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.  We have to learn to love ourselves as a species (get along) before we can work to save anything else. I believe that as a species we all hate ourselves (well each other, same principle).

Why, just look at all the wars over religion, over land, holy sites, etc.  Why the war that the Jihadists started with the United States because we work to make money so they said.  It was in the movie The Terminator 2 that the Terminator had said, “It’s in our nature to destroy ourselves.  Taking the examples here, we can see that as a species we hate ourselves.

No, there is no simple answer to this dilemma, but once we do find the answer we can the focus on saving the world.

What will you do?

ImageYou wake up one morning, and turn on the news.  It’s all over TV.  What is it?  It’s the zombie apocalypse.  What do you do?  Well, look no further, I shall give you Ryutora’s Zombie Apocalypse Survival Rules.  There is no real order to these rules, the rule that is most applicable at the time automatically becomes number one.  This list is a work in progress, and I will update this post as necessary.

  1. Run!
  2. Stay out of populated areas (cities, towns, hospitals, police stations, military bases, etc). *
  3. If you have guns don’t waste ammo.  If you can run, it’s better to do so, ammunition will become very scarce. **
  4. Don’t carry too much around.  It’s your mobility that will save your butt in the ending.
  5. Hook up with and stay with people that you trust.
  6. Never get complacent.  The next zombie or other threat could be just around the corner.
  7. Travel in during the day.  Just because at night you can’t see the zombies, it doesn’t mean that they can’t see you.
  8. Look out for the people that cracked under the pressure of the apocalypse.  You don’t want to turn into someone’s meal, or worse. ***
  9. Conserve water.  Drinking water will become like gold. With most of the population now in the undead masses, there’s no one to operate the water supply machinery.
  10. Learn to love eating out of cans.  Canned goods stay fresh longer and won’t go bad.


Foot Notes:

* More people = more zombies so its best to stay away from heavily populated areas.  Going to a hospital may seem like a good idea at first, but with all the sick and dieing, that’s all the more zombies that there will be there.  The police and the military… Very good ideas, but they’re not trained to deal with zombies, and can easily be overrun.  Why, just take the reference of the Resident Evil series of games and Dead Island as well.

** Ammunition…  There isn’t going to be any companies turning out ammo during the apocalypse, so it will become scarce guns are worthless without ammunition so use it only when necessary.

*** The Walking Dead Season 1 game from TellTale Games, shows us people can crack and lose their minds because of the apocalypse.  Even the Dead Rising series of games.  Look at Season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead show as well.


Leave it in the real world… Please.

I use the Internet to research, learn, and have fun.  I do not use the internet to create drama.  I have enough of that in my personal life, I don’t want it following me online as well.  If you’re unhappy in life, don’t spread it by making everyone else miserable by trolling around social media sites, etc.  Quite frankly, I don’t care about anyone’s dramas… I keep my personal affairs…Personal. I don’t need the world to know, and I don’t want to bother people with it.

I’ve noticed that the people whom tend the most to bash people are those whom believe in the Christian faith.  Now, yes I have christian beliefs, but I don’t go around like I see many people do and tell others that they’re going to hell because they don’t believe in god.  Say what you like at church and the real world, but I don’t wanna see people bashing others because of their faith.  What they don’t seem to realize that Christianity is one of the few faiths in the world that literally started wars, went on crusades that killed people because they didn’t believe in the same thing as them.  And even stamped out another religious faith because they were thought to be evil.  If there’s any evil out there perhaps they should look no further than themselves.

Then there are the animal activists… I love animals myself.  But, to say that humanity will pay for killing pigs, cows, etc. to eat is ridiculous.  Humanity has been doing this since the mid-evil times, and probably before that.  That’s where human beings get protein to survive.   We shouldn’t be getting it from pills sheesh.  Again, that’s their beliefs, and they shouldn’t persecute others because they don’t believe what you do.

The list goes on of all the dramas that people bring with them, these seem to be the most prominent.  For the love of…  Please leave all that crap in the real world, please! No one wants to hear it. I sure don’t.  Respect everyone’s beliefs, and they in return will respect yours.

OK, my rant is done.

Grumpy Cat: Unimpressed – the official Grumpy Cat game

Grumpy Cat: Unimpressed – the official Grumpy Cat game

Normally, I won’t blog about Android games, but this was too good to pass up (and is one of my favorite games to play on my phone).  Grumpy cat, the Internet’s grumpiest cat now has it’s own game.  It’s a bejeweled type of game where you have to match three or four toys in a row in order to score.  Between levels you’ll see memes of Grumpy Cat being her usual self…  Grumpy.  While the game is free to download and play, to get boosts to help you on the levels, you need to buy them via in app purchases.  If you like this sort of game, you should check it out. 🙂