Common Sense…


It isn’t as common as the term states.  A good example of lacking of common sense is the amount of drivers in Hawaii failing to obey the law of no text messaging and driving, and no use without a hands-free device.  If its something that distracts you, don’t do it.  Common sense, right?  But do you know how many drivers that I see disobey the law and hold the phone to their face?  Too many to count.  Yet, I haven’t seen nor heard of anyone getting a ticket for breaking this law.  I have this odd feeling that not only is stupiosis catching, its also genetic.  All those people disobeying the law is trying for a Darwin Award at the expense of others.  Disgusting.

I admit that I can’t live without my smart phone, but if I’m driving I won’t bother looking at my phone for any reason until I get to my destination.  If I’m expecting an important call, I connect my Bluetooth headset.  Now, I have seen studies that say with or without the headset the average of automotive accidents is the same, but text messaging while driving is just plain stupid.

I’m not claiming to be perfect, I’m not… But I refuse to allow myself to endanger others because I want to communicate on a mobile device.  That’s just selfish and not very prudent if I want to live a long life.  Safety devices in a vehicle only operate at peak efficiency if there isn’t a loose nut behind the wheel.

OK, my rant is done.


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