The threat isn’t gone

It was Albert Einstein that once said “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. ”

Even with the cold war being over with the former Soviet Union, another just started up with China. They do have nuclear capability, and could have built and/or brought nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union. Don’t let the White House fool you. Just the sheer size of China’s population should be an indication of its threat. Even releasing pet treats with harmful chemicals in it to American consumers show thier lack of respect for other nations in the world today.

I don’t fear escalations in the middle east, our troops still being in Korea or even a zombie apocalypse. My true fear is a nuclear war with China. I read somewhere that China is able to survive a first strike nuclear attack with enough forces remaining to decimate its enemies.

I fear that if something isn’t done soon we may end up at the unthinkable end that we were predicting with the former Soviet Union. We as a country should never forget nor relax. when one big threat is eliminated, another always shows up.

Call me paranoid or a conspiracy nut, but I fear for my great nation. I never want to see it falter or fall. As a country we aren’t perfect, but America is the best place to live.

OK, rant of the day is done.


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