No Simple Answer

I remember watching a George Carlin act where he talked about the planet.  Save the planet.  That’s a novel idea.  How can we save the planet when we as a species can’t even save ourselves?  It was Whitney Houston that once sung, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.  We have to learn to love ourselves as a species (get along) before we can work to save anything else. I believe that as a species we all hate ourselves (well each other, same principle).

Why, just look at all the wars over religion, over land, holy sites, etc.  Why the war that the Jihadists started with the United States because we work to make money so they said.  It was in the movie The Terminator 2 that the Terminator had said, “It’s in our nature to destroy ourselves.  Taking the examples here, we can see that as a species we hate ourselves.

No, there is no simple answer to this dilemma, but once we do find the answer we can the focus on saving the world.


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