Fair weather Fans

I’ve been a KC Chiefs fan now for over 10 years.  From their mediocre seasons, to their worse season, to their best season in years.  I am and I always will be a KC Chiefs fan.  Fair weather fans annoy me.  When their team is doing well, they brag and blab about it to everyone they know.  They even go out and buy team gear (shirts, jerseys, etc.).  But as soon as their team starts to do badly, they either don’t want to talk about it or say that that was really never their team.  There’s only one thing that annoys me more is those with more than one team, but that’s for another post.

I can remember that year where the Niners made it to the Super Bowl again.  In the bars and at work that’s all I heard about from people how the Niners were so great.  Even those who said they didn’t like football or said they didn’t have a team were suddenly Niner fans.  Even at the local Lids Locker Room store, the Niners jerseys were flying off the racks.  So hyped and talking crap to everyone.  I was glad when the super bowl finally came on (I figured if they win I’d hear about it less, if they lost not at all).

Well, the day of the game came, and at the bar that we were at 99% of the patrons were rooting for the Niners…  Then there was the 1%… Me and a few others rooting for the AFC/Ravens (I wasn’t rooting for the Ravens, I was rooting for my conference).  They were loud and boisterous…  Until they started losing and the Ravens started dominating the game.  You could hear a few people cheering, other than that, it was as quiet as a graveyard.  The Ravens took the championship, and I gloated inwardly (LOL).  Finally, I’ll hear the ending of the boasting and the trash talk from the Niners fans.

Anyhow, that’s why I cant stand fair weather fans. They annoy me.  OK, rant done.


P.S.: Go Chiefs!


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