Multiplayer Games…

Being a COD: Ghosts Extinction and Titanfall player I have come to realize many things. Many things that annoy the heck out of me. Why do I keep playing? I love the games, not the players.

In Extinction where everyone is supposed to play as a team, no one does. They care about thier own K/D ratio, getting addons by searching, or keeping themselves alive more than completing the objective of destroying the hives and protecting the drill. Hell, those players don’t even drop supplies for the rest of the team to use. They’re hoarding money probably so they can get thier drones/turrets.

In Titanfall its the same thing. People camp (the only time I approve of camping is during CTF or Hard point domination), then there’s people that purposely hunt down the players that they know are weak and keep killing them. Then there are those who just pick one person no matter who it is to pick on (those people are just being d*cks if you ask me).

I guess its my gripe that in team types of matches/games no one plays as a team. From what I’ve heard many people complain about are the minors pulling the camping and causing general problems by bullying people.

The parents are to blame for buying them M rated games. The ratings are there to protect thier children (smh). If parents supervised their children more, and not use a gaming console as a baby sitter, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Nevertheless, no matter how much I complain, I will keep playing because I like the games, I won’t let the juveniles or anyone else stop me from having fun.

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