COD: Ghosts VS. Battlefield 4

The debate among all FPS players is: which is better Ghosts or Battlefield 4?  Personally, I prefer COD: Ghosts because of all the different game play modes that the game has to offer.  That and the DLC available for the game is much better, and the storyline is thought out much more for the campaign.  COD did great in black ops with the zombie add-in, and did an even better job with the Extinction add on for Ghosts.

I like playing the Squads mode where as long as you play on Xbox LIVE (even in solo mode versus the AI), you can take all your earned XP and upgrades with you to the normal multiplayer.  The same goes for the Alien Extinction add on.  As long as you play solo on LIVE, you can take the XP, and all the abilities with you to the normal multiplayer Extinction.  And even if you don’t play with anyone else, it gives players that don’t like to play multiplayer modes with others, the option of playing those modes by themselves increasing the re-play value of the game.  More of a kudos goes to COD because even Alien Extinction has a story line for you to follow, so it’s like having a game within a game.  The only downside is that unless you brought the season pass the 4 parts the story is going to be released in is rather pricy. Of course the unknown is if they’re going to continue the story line past the 4th DLC or not.  They’re already working on COD: Advanced Warfare.

Now Battlefield is like any other military type FPS style game.  No explanation necessary.  Reminds me of Halo, only more boring.  And speaking of Halo, I feel that 343 studios and Microsoft should give the franchise a rest.  The Master Chief ended the war.  Sheesh, give him an honorable discharge.

Anyhow, if you were to ask me which game to buy, I’d definitely recommend COD: Ghosts.  Battlefield is way too boring for my tastes, and since I don’t always like to play multiplayer with others, the replay value just isn’t there.  It isn’t Titanfall, the best FPS multiplayer game to ever be made…  But that’s for another post.

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