Technology & Star Trek


Modern technology is truly a blessing…at times.  It’s only wonderful when it works…  and  a pain when it doesn’t.  Just 20 years ago if you told me that I would have a computer in the palm of my hand capable of sending and receiving messages and making telephone calls, I would’ve told you that you’re nuts.  Of course even when working, technology is a pain…  You could be doing something important when a call or message comes in.  I’ve had that happen on numerous occasions, to make matters worse, the call isn’t even important.

These days everything has computers in it…  Your washer and dryer, microwave, TV, cable box, land line phones, vehicles, watches, etc.  You’re using computers everyday and just don’t realize it.

One man foresaw all of this coming, although.  His name was Gene Roddenberry.  He foresaw tablet computers (PADDs), mobile phones (communicators), and talking computers…  Your phone can talk with the right software, your desktop and laptop as well.  No spaceships, or first contact, although.  His ideas were so advanced, that NASA had even honored him and his creation by naming one of their shuttles Enterprise.  For the non-Trekkers out there, Gene Roddenberry is the original creator of Star Trek.  The man was so great that he continued working even through old age.  He passed away during the Star Trek: Next Generation Era.  You can tell when he passed away due to the stories lacking his creative insight started appearing.


So, the next time you watch any of the Star Trek Episodes, or any of the movies, remember the man that foresaw all of this coming Gene Roddenberry.  For all those whom wish to learn more about this great man can go to They have a short bio there about their founder Gene Roddenberry.


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