Smell forces an Emergency Landing…

Apparently a service dog on a US Airways flight caused the pilot to divert and make an emergency landing due to the smell of the Dog’s feces in the plane after it had defecated in the plane not once, but TWICE.  Woah, dude what did you feed your dog (LOL!)?  I understand the importance of service animals, but if I was on that flight, I wouldn’t have been very happy with the animal’s owner or the Airline for allowing an animal aboard that couldn’t control it’s bowel movements.  OMG, POOP Flight 200.  Anyhow…

Oh yes, I can just imagine it… I’m on the flight when I start smelling something and start to think to myself “what the hell is that smell?”  Then as the smell gets worse, I get sick and throw up into a barf bag. Gross. lol  Then the captain comes on the intercom saying that due to circumstances beyond their control they will be diverting to a near by airport to make an emergency landing.  If I was the guy getting the call in the tower, I’d be like you need an emergency landing for what? Say again?  I don’t think I could keep myself from laughing.  Ugh, funny and gross all at the same time.

What IS that smell?
What IS that smell?

You have to read the full article to get the full picture.  You can read it here.  Just to gross you you even more, you can read this article too.


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