Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Ahh, yes the rivalry.  Which is better, which is more realistic, etc.  I’m not writing this as an unbiased writer, instead I’ll be writing this from the view point of a Trekker.

Starfleet Command Logo
Starfleet Command Logo

First, I’d like to point out that Star Trek was first in the media.  It first aired in 1966 and ran for only three seasons before it was cancelled.  Now, the Star Trek universe is very different from the Star Wars universe.  Star Trek depicts human kind had evolved to the point where poverty, disease, and war was eliminated on Earth after World War III had taken place, and the Vulcans had made first contact.  Humanity helped form the United Federation of Planets.  Unlike Star Wars, violence was always the last resort.  The Enterprise and her crew had armaments for self defense.

Other species both hostile and peaceful exist in this realm.  Some have supernatural powers while others wasn’t evolved yet to the point where humanity was.  Also gender and ethnicity are all equal in Starfleet, anyone could obtain important important high ranking positions within the organization.

Rebel & Imperial Logos
Star Wars Rebel & Imperial Logos

Star Wars…This universe is vastly different.  Jedi Knights, robots, a princess, a smuggler, and a bounty hunter among it’s characters.  It sounds more like a fairy tale to me, removed from reality.  It is a fairy tale, really… The knights fighting over the princess, and one finally getting her in the ending…  Well, really out of default. One knight didn’t know he was romancing his own sister (LOL).

In this world, everyone is hostile (or could be) to each other.  In this case, there is no Earth or Milky Way galaxy, this story takes place “a long, long time ago in a far away galaxy”.  Also there seems to be no gender or racial equality in this movie.  You didn’t see any female rebels fighting or any female soldiers in the empire for that matter.  While you saw other species, you only saw Caucasians and African Americans in this movie.

I haven’t kept up too much with Star Wars.  After seeing the fourth movie and seeing that it was a disgrace compared to the first three, I didn’t even bother.

Now which is better?  Its a matter of perspective really.  Some like the more realistic universe of Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry, where others like the fairy tale like universe of Star Wars and George Lucas.  Personally, I’m a Trekkie and always will be one.


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