Its how you play the game that counts…

I’d like that revised to say its how you played the game that counts if you lost, but if you won, it doesn’t matter. Its true…

If you’ve ever watched an NFL Post game show, its all about the losers and how they played. While yes, they touch on how the winners played, its not the focus. I remember when the Chiefs were on thier winning streak, they talked about how amazing it was that they turned he team around for a little while, then it went to to losing team and all the things that they did that was wrong.

When you fail at getting something accomplished at work, they focus on what you did that was wrong, not that you did your best. When you succeed, they say good job, do it again! And it doesn’t matter how you got the job done, as long as you did.

So in the ending, I feel that this inspirational quote is wrong. Instead it should say, “Only if you lose does it matter how you played the game”.


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