Why I like cats

Image from: http://www.ballaratcat.com.au/festival4/
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Here are the top 10 reasons why I like cats:

  1. They don’t smell as bad as dogs.
  2. I don’t have to walk a cat so it can use the restroom (OK, I’m lazy like that).
  3. No wet dog smell.
  4. They’re affectionate with head bonks and rubbing up against you.
  5. No slobbery dog kisses.
  6. They do tricks (my friend’s cat is able to play fetch with plastic bottle caps).
  7. Cats purr (I find it relaxing).
  8. You don’t have to show them affection all the time (only when the cat wants you to).
  9. You have a built in kitty alarm clock (not always a good thing, but at least you know you won’t sleep in :P).
  10. You can use them as warm, furry, cuddly, and purring heating pads (this is one of my most favorite things).

I have many more reasons why I like cats, those are just my top 10. 🙂  I grew up with cats even though I never owned one.  Family members and friends had cats so I went over to play with their cats.  Sometimes I feel that cats are tiny humans in fur that purr, and that they’re more human than most humans are.

Tara The Hero Cat
A wallpaper from Tara’s Official Website

I also feel that cat is man’s best friend. I know that many dog lovers will disagree, but in the case of Tara the Hero Cat, I tend to disagree.  The Anti-Cruelty Society agrees that the cat can be man’s new best friend.  Now, I’m not here to start a debate or a flame war of what animal is better.  I am writing this from my own point of view.  Feel free to leave some of your reasons why you like cats in the comments. I’d love to see them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I like cats

  1. I’ve grown up with cats, only owned a dog once, when I was five and me and my brother shared. But never was attached to it like cats. It’s more entertaining to play with a cat (minus the claws) IMO.

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