Coke vs. Pepsi

Coke vs. Pepsi
Coke vs. Pepsi

The old battle, Coke vs. Pepsi.  I remember when I was growing up seeing those commercials with all those blind taste tests.  I even remember the old commercials with Bill Cosby in it saying have a Coke and smile.  I personally like Coke.  I will drink Pepsi only if the restaurant/food place doesn’t have coke for some reason.  Most fast food joints and restaurants that I’ve been to here where I live in Hawaii and even in the continental United States have Coke.  Whereas Pepsi is only in a select few places that I’ve been to.   Many people say that Coke and Pepsi taste alike.  The answer is no, they don’t taste alike.  In fact, Pepsi seems to go flat faster than coke does after you open the container of the product.  You can visit Coke’s company page here.  Coke’s flagship product Coca~Cola’s webpage is here.


OK, Coke came first in 1886.  Pepsi made its debut (Pepsi wanted a cut of Coke’s action so to speak) in 1898.  I will also take the time to point out that when Coca~Cola was released, it was initially meant to be a OTC medicine which actually had cocaine in it.  One would go to the corner drug store and ask for “a shot in the arm” and the Soda Jerk behind the counter would serve up a nice glass of coke for a nickel (I believe it was a nickel, this was way before my time) Of course in later years the cocaine was removed from the formula.  I believe that coke was the first to be served in restaurants and fast food joints as well.  I’m fairly sure that they were the first to go world wide as well.  Coke dominates most of the market that I can see.


Now Pepsi isn’t a true soft drink company.  I say that because they don’t just make and sell soft drinks.  Going to their company’s website you can see that they make many different things like Doritos, Frito’s, and even brought Cracker Jack.  Coke only makes soft drinks as far as I know.  If you dabble in too many things you don’t do one thing really well, you do all of them mediocrely if you ask me.  Seeing how they diversified shows how they stayed afloat all these years against Coke.  You can see all the products Pepsi makes at this link.  Pepsi’s flagship product page is here.

Now to answer the question which is better….  Well it’s perspective, really.  But 99% of all my friends prefer coke, and 1% prefer Pepsi, if that’s any indication.  Everyone has a right to their preference no matter how one thinks or what one believes.  Even biased, I am doing my best to remain neutral while writing this post.  Did a pretty good job too, if you ask me. 😛

Anyway, I leave the decisions all up to you, my readers, I just presented the facts.  As I’ve said in the past, I’m not here to start a flame war, or a war about what product is better, I am sharing my thoughts about this subject.


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