Titanfall is Awesome


Titanfall is an awesome game.  No clans, you don’t hear other players moaning and whining (at least I don’t hear any), and really no campers.  Well, there are campers, but not in the sense of COD.  Everyone who play Titanfall knows that if you stay in one place knows that if you stay in once place too long someone will come by and kill you when you least expect it.  And it happens rather quickly once a player knows your location because you killed him or shot at him.   They’ll call for their Titan and blow you into tiny bits, or just go looking for you.  Trying to be a sniper isn’t smart, not in this game, unless you have some mad sniping ninja skills.  I generally don’t like campers in any game.  But, there are exceptions to this.  If you’re playing CTF and you’re protecting your flag, or playing Domination, and you’re protecting the hard point, I feel that camping is fine.  It’s one of the objectives of the game.  Granted it lacks a solo mode, but that isn’t important for this game in my book.  The graphics are awesome, and the weapons and gear is really good too.


Playing as a pilot you do have some pretty cool skills because of the jump pack that every player has equipped.  With it, you can run across walls, jump higher than the Master Chief in Halo, and jump rooftop to rooftop like a ninja.  My favorite game modes are Capture The Flag (CTF), Attrition, and Hardpoint Domination.  My favorite primary pilot weapon is a toss up between the Carbine and the smart pistol.  My favorite anti-titan weapon is the sidewinder, I don’t like the sidearm weapons and avoid using them unless there’s a regeneration challenge that I need to complete.  I haven’t really decided on my favorite Titan weapons are yet.   They all seem to have very big disadvantages.  I tend to like the weapons that have high fire rates and a large magazine.

No game is perfect, but I do enjoy that this isn’t Halo, COD, or Battlefield.  The players on these games are generally too concerned about their K/D ratio or saving money to get their turret power ups, than dropping ammo or armor for the rest of the team to use.   Granted that there are still players in Titanfall that don’t care about mission objectives and only play to benefit themselves, I can’t stand players like that either.  Anyhow, if you haven’t played Titanfall yet, I suggest that you pick this one up.  I generally don’t play multi-player games, but this one is different.

This game is available for Xbox One & Xbox 360, as well as PC.  A Live GOLD membership is required to play on the Xbox Platforms, and before you ask, no; different platforms can not play together.  Go complain to Microsoft. 😛


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