Declawing of Cats


After doing some research I’ve learned that declawing cats actually harms them.  Sure it may save your furniture and wood floor, but to harm and innocent cat to protect your valuables is horrendous.  If you don’t want your property damaged like that, don’t have a cat.  Anyhow, there is proof that declawing domestic cats is harmful to them because of the pain that they experience post op, even after they “heal” from the surgery.

Some negative effects of declawing

Medical drawbacks to declawing include pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis (tissue death), lameness, and back pain. Removing claws changes the way a cat’s foot meets the ground and can cause pain similar to wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. There can also be a regrowth of improperly removed claws, nerve damage, and bone spurs.

For several days after surgery, shredded newspaper is typically used in the litter box to prevent litter from irritating declawed feet. This unfamiliar litter substitute, accompanied by pain when scratching in the box, may lead cats to stop using the litter box. Some cats may become biters because they no longer have their claws for defense.

From the Humane Society of The United States

The Paw Project seeks to end such cruelty.  In fact many vets are against declawing cats, it partially removes part of their digit so that they won’t grow claws anymore.  It is a senseless mutilation.    Parts of Europe have already outlawed declawing of cats, and I hope that the United States would follow suit.  Instead of helping others outside the country, we should focus on things like this.  We have our own problems to solve.

I ask that my readers write their legislators in Washington, DC and ask them to pass laws making the declawing of cats illegal. To make things easier, there’s web forms for each legislator for sending mail.  Below I have the official websites where you can send your legislators messages.  The more people that write to them about this, the more they are likely to take action.  I have already written my legislators both locally and in Washington, DC.  I even sent a message to President Obama, although I doubt he’ll do anything.  The links are below:

If you’re interested in reading more, I have included the links below for your information.  🙂

I urge everyone to take action and tell your friends and family.  As I said above, the more people write, the more likely that the government will take action.  I thank all of you for your efforts and reading this entry.


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