A word is just that, a word.  That is until someone comes along and puts a meaning behind of it.  For instance, like the word ass.  When the word was first used it didn’t mean your buttocks, it meant donkey.  Was it a slur or an insult?  No.  It was another name for an animal.  Another example is the ever so famous word f*ck. When that word was first used, it had nothing to do with sexual intercourse.  It’s first true meaning was to plant seeds into the ground.

Being a minority myself, I’ve heard lots of hateful words many of them racial slurs.  When I was younger, I used to let these words bother me, even hurt me.  Now I know better.  It’s just a word.  Someone had asked a Japanese friend of mine, what if someone called you a “Jap”?  He had responded, “So? I am one.”  When he had told me that, I couldn’t help but smile.  From then on I realized that Jap was just a word.


Even George Carlin had a routine in one of his acts all about words, and how that they were just that… Words.  Don’t get me wrong though, words can still hurt depending on someone’s perspective.  Perspective…that’s a word that I’ve been using a lot these days in my posts.  In a way a perspective is like an opinion, and all you Dirty Harry fans out there know what he says about opinions (lol).  The way that words are perceived isn’t just the fault of the person hearing them, but the was that those words are used as well.

Words can be used to hurt just like a knife or a gun.  Only this weapon doesn’t kill or maim, it just hurts someone’s feelings.  Which to me is just about the same thing.  I used to tell my ex-girlfriend whom always seemed to operate her mouth before her brain to think before she speaks.  We’re all guilty of it, but she took it to a whole new level.  She was cruel about it, and it seemed like she either didn’t care, or she didn’t realize it.  Till this day I think that she never really cared.  But, I suppose that’s just my perspective.

As always, I leave my post to your perspective, my readers.  I only presented what I thought.


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