Turning Back Time…


Have you ever wished that you could turn back time and change events that happened in the past?  I think that we all have.  Well, let’s look at this from a scientific point of view.  Let’s say that one has the time machine from the Back To The Future movie series…  And one could go to anytime and anywhere they wanted to.


As apart of our example, lets just say that you wanted to go back to a time in the past and stop yourself from doing something embarrassing.  So you set your DeLorean to that specific time and date, hit 88 miles per hour, and poof!  You’re back at the moment that you want to change.  Now, let’s stop there and think about the ramifications of changing a past event.  Many of the ramifications of changing time was stated in the series of Back To The Future movies and even Star Trek.  All of which are based in scientific fact.

  • You may stop yourself from being born (yes, you could inadvertently stop yourself from ever existing).
  • You could stop yourself from meeting your significant other.
  • You could stop your entire family from ever existing.
  • The changes in time that one makes could rip a hole in the time-space continuum and swallow the Earth whole, or even destroy the galaxy.
  • Or, you could just change that one event that you wanted to and have things turn out the way you wanted (highly unlikely, but possible).

Just looking at that short list of things that may happen, is enough to discourage me.  Time is like dominoes, all lined up, you make one fall, they all do.  Many people say that everything happened / happens for a reason.  I’m inclined to believe that.  You wouldn’t be where you are / who you are today if it wasn’t for the events that took place in your past.  I may have not liked what happened in the past, and wish that things turned out differently, but those events make you… You.

In the ending, I shall do as I always do, leave the decision up, to you…  I have only presented my thoughts on the subject, and leave the decision to you… Well, that is if you really could travel back in time.

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