Titanfall Tips

OK, too lazy to repost. But this is my titanfall tips for all the newbies out there,

avalie82's Blog

  • Keep moving.  Those whom don’t usually end up getting killed quickly and frequently.
  • Your cloak only works really well against Titans.  Other pilots can still see you, just not as easily.
  • Unless you give up weapon damage and use a silencer, once you pull the trigger on your weapon, your location is revealed to your enemies on the minimap.
  • Once you kill one pilot/grunt/spectre, get the heck out of there.
  • Learn how to wall run effectively.
  • Turn on run all the time in the options menu.
  • Learn how to use executions.  They are quick, quiet, and will not expose your location on the minimap.
  • The smart pistol is one hell of a weapon for those whom master it.
  • While in your Titan, electric smoke is your best friend when it comes to pilots rodeoing your Titan.
  • Rodeoing is usually not a good idea.  I’d say that about 99% of the…

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