Why I’m A Chiefs Fan

Andy Reid & Alex Smith
Andy Reid & Alex Smith

Because Football season is approaching, I’ve decided to make a post about why I like my favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs.  The following is my top 10 reasons.  This list is in no particular order.

  1. It’s where Joe Montana officially last played in the NFL
  2. The Chiefs Kingdom has the most loyal and loud fans.
  3. Tony Gonzalez had his start with the Chiefs.
  4. Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, & Alex Smith is awesome!
  5. Tony Romo is not the Quarter Back.
  6. Andy Reid is doing one hell of a job!
  7. Chiefs Fans aren’t fair weather fans.
  8. The Chiefs are modest.
  9. They’re not the N.E. Patriots or the 9ers, Broncos, or the chargers.
  10. Richard Sherman isn’t on the team.


I am and I will always be a chiefs fan.  I don’t care what anyone else says cause their team sucks anyway.  Chiefs fans are not fair weather fans like the 49ers fans here in Hawaii who boasted and raved about how good their team and Kaepernick is (he isn’t), and then lost the super bowl.

After that super bowl, I haven’t heard anything from the people that I know that are 9ers fans. Rather amusing and annoying all the same time. Anyhow, as always, I’m not here to start a flame war or debate on what team is better, I am merely voicing my thoughts.


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