Ahh yes, it’s the information age.  All the knowledge of the world readily available 24/7 at one’s fingertips, and only requires milliseconds to pull up the information that’s being searched for.  Communication that used to take days now takes just a push of a button.  What surprises me, is that people pay for internet access, but don’t use it for it’s original intent… Education.  People go onto social networking sites and make misinformed comments about something that could have been easily looked up.

I guess that they’d rather do searches on Google for memes, playing games, or porn, I suppose.  It’s rather sad really.  They state opinion and perspective as fact and expect people whom actually did their research to agree with them.  If not, they get upset and start name calling and swearing, which is not necessary.  I suppose that it’s their intelligence that’s showing.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people who look at / do those things I previously mentioned, everyone does it after all.

What gets me is why can’t people make informed comments?  Or at least take time to read what others have to say.  Those people that I spoke about will voice their opinion regardless of what anyone else has said…  Even if it’s already been said by several different people.  I saw in one such thread today that a conflict broke out if something was inhumane to an animal or not.  The majority whom did do their research politely stated it wasn’t, that the animal wasn’t harmed in anyway.  But, the misinformed continued to state over and over again that it was.  One person had started using profanity, and another even used the race card.  He had called everyone ‘barbaric Europeans’.  Does the name Ryutora Takano sound European? (SMH)  Just comes to show you that no one reads these days. Sad.

OK, my rant is done.


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