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I love coffee.  It’s what helps me get going in the morning, and keeps my brain moving through long days, and it even helps to keep me warm when I’m cold.  I’m picky when it comes to my coffee.  I won’t just drink any coffee.  My coffee lover readers will understand what I’m saying.  I personally like the flavored gourmet coffees, my personal locally produced coffee is Lion Coffee, the Vanilla Macadamia Nut flavor.  Since that’s not widely available everywhere I go, I drink coffee house coffees.  Well, I only drink one brand, and that’s Starbucks.  My favorite coffee there is the Vanilla Latte.  When I’m at home I drip brew my Lion Coffee.  If I’m in a hurry, I use the Keurig single cup brewer and have some Starbucks Vanilla Flavored coffee.  I don’t like cold coffee drinks, I just don’t see the purpose in it.  If one wants something cool to drink, have a soda, juice, water, etc.  I feel that it is an insult to the coffee to drink it cold.  I guess I’m weird like that.


I don’t like pure Kona coffee, it’s way too bitter.  That’s why most times in stores and restaurants you’ll find blends, not pure Kona coffee.  There is one coffee house that I do know of here in Honolulu, and that would be the Honolulu Coffee Company.  I’ve had it in the past, and it is nasty (lol).   Then there’s what I like to call the “garden variety” of coffees.  The kind that McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack in The Box, etc. serve.  I call that “toilet water”. The stuff is so nasty that even when it’s brewed fresh, it tastes like it’s been sitting at the bottom of the pot all day.  Their cafe coffees don’t taste much better.  I will drink it as a last resort if I need that cup of coffee and there’s nowhere else to get any coffee at.  Anyhow, Lion coffee is a Kona blend with a nice taste to it. I don’t like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf either because the coffee usually tastes watered down.  That and you never get the same tasting product at all the locations like you do with Starbucks.  I believe it’s because their training isn’t centralized like Starbucks is.  Their coffee is “toilet water too”, just not as bad as the fast food coffee that I mentioned previously.

Let us drink a cup of coffee and thank the one whom first decided to grind up the beans, and filter hot water through it. 🙂


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