The Walking Dead




I love The Walking Dead…  Why? Because it’s a more of a believable story, just normal people trying to survive after a zombie Apocalypse.  I only started really watching the series during season 4.  To me, that’s when things got really exciting in the series.  I did watch the marathon that started from season one…  It just wasn’t interesting until it got up to season 4.  I liked it when they got to the prison and settled in.  To me, that’s when the real story started because the characters in the show started to evolve, and their backgrounds were finally revealed.  I’d still like to know what occupation that Daryl held before the apocalypse though.


TWD Comic

Before anyone says, “Well in the comics…”, quite frankly I don’t care what happens/happened in the comics for the storyline in the comics are different from the show, like a parallel universe kind of thing.  Like how the Resident Evil movies evolved.  Granted, they do share some of the same plots, but it’s 2 different stories.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the comics, I just like to keep things simple.  Especially because I’ve really never gotten into the comics.  And I like the world that the show presents anyway.

My favorite character would have to be Glenn.  I identify with him not only because we’re both Asians, but also because we also share some character traits as well.  But, that’s for another post.  My next favorite character would have to be Daryl.  Why?  One simple reason.  He kicks @$$ and he takes crap from no one.  Well, make that two reasons.  Michonne would be my next favorite character.  I like how she kicks @$$ with the Katana that she carries with her.  Which zombies do I like better?  Resident Evil or The Walking Dead?  It would have to be Resident Evil.  With computer graphics and it being a video game, there’s really no comparison.

OK, those are the reasons why I like The Walking Dead.  Everyone has a different perspective, these are mine.  Thanks for reading, and watch out for the Walkers! 😀


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