What I Would Do If…


What would I do if a zombie apocalypse broke?  If I’m at home, I’d  quickly grab some necessities that I need and leave to meet up with friends and family.  Where would I go?  I’d get as far away from large groups of people as I can.  More people = more zombies.  I guess it would be easier to point out where NOT to go.  So, below is a list of places that I wouldn’t go.

  • The hospital – Bad idea.  You would think that this is a good idea…  It’s not.  Lots of sick, dead, and dying people.  As I said above more people = more zombies.
  • Police station – One would think that this is a good idea.  In fact many would.  This is a bad idea because More people = more zombies, and the police just aren’t trained to handle zombies, therefore, would become zombies as as well.
  • Military base – Same as the police station just on a larger scale.  Like the police, the military just isn’t trained or equipped to handle zombies.  This would be another place I’d stay away from.
  • Going to a store or a mall to hide because of the supplies there – Bad idea…  More people = more zombies.

After eliminating most of the city as a safe point, the best thing is to get out of the city and head to the country.  Preferably an area that isn’t populated at all normally.  A cave, a decommissioned military bunker that no one knows about.  But, where ever you choose to go and inhabit, make sure that it’s defensible from all sides.  If someone in your group gets bit, leave em behind.  There is nothing you can do for that person, but shoot em in the head so they won’t reanimate.  I know it’ll be hard because it’ll be a friend or family member, but as I said leave em behind.


The best would be a easily defensible building, that you can easily escape from.  Make sure you have escape plans or your hideout/base/home will become your death trap.  A good example of that is AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4 where Rick and the others are chased from/forced to abandon the prison because “The Governor” attacked them and destroyed the fence that surrounded the prison compound.  Luckily Rick and the others did have some sort of plan in place in case they needed to evacuate the prison.  A building/compound/etc. is useless if you can’t defend it.

Well, that’s what I’d do if a zombie apocalypse broke out.  Everyone has different ideas for what to do, these are mine.  As always, I leave it to my readers to decide what they think, I just present my thoughts.  Thanks for reading! 😀

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