Safe Driving


Apparently, people not driving safely (or doing unsafe things)  is an issue all around the world.  After doing dome research, I’ve come up with public service announcement commercials aired around the world.  Just as a warning, some of this content is VERY graphic.  I write this as a public service announcement to my growing list of readers…  I don’t want to see nor hear about people getting hurt.

This video from Australia while graphic, isn’t as bad as another that I’m going to speak about in this entry.  It depicts drinking, driving, and even shows someone consuming what may be illegal narcotics with alcohol.  Of course the shock and awe coming from this announcement is meant to make viewers remember and not to do what they’re asking.  The beginning of this video isn’t bad, it does get graphic towards the end.  I don’t drink and drive myself, because I don’t want to hurt anyone else because I wanted to have fun, that’s just selfish.

The above video is from Northern Ireland about speeding.  What I felt to be gut wrenching is seeing all those children…Well, I’ll let you watch and see for yourself.  I will say this much, is that it’s ghastly.  I always drive within the legal driving speeds no matter where I am.  Why rush?  That’s why you leave early enough so you don’t have to rush.  Again it’s the shock and awe factor that they’re using to make this commercial effective, and like the previous video from Australia, it doesn’t get graphic until the end.

This video is from New Zealand.  It’s another video speaking about not to drink and drive, and uses the analogy of guns.  “It doesn’t matter how, killing your friends is killing your friends” is the message.  Goodness, this commercial reminded me of a suspense or horror film.  Watch and see for yourself.

This one from Britain is about wearing your seat belt when operating your vehicle.  A very touching commercial and not bloody and graphic like the others you’ll see here.  Perhaps here in the United States we should have commercials like that instead of the click it or ticket commercials, I think that it may be more effective.

Last but not least, we have a commercial from the United States about not texting while driving.  While one would think that it’s common sense not to do that while driving, even with a law here in Hawaii against using mobile phones while operating your vehicle, you should see how many people still text or use their phone while driving.  I see it all the time.  What the stupid thing is that when this law passed in Hawaii, people actually said in news interviews that they would still use their phone regardless of the law.  How disrespectful to the law and others.

I urge my readers to take the messages in these commercials to heart.  As I said, I don’t want anyone to get hurt…  And as I’ve said before in my other posts:  I only present my perspective on the subject in the post, and I let my readers decide what to think or do with the information.  Drive safe and stay safe! 🙂


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