Manners…  Like common sense, it seems like its not very common at all.  But manners is something that everyone hides behind.  Something that keeps them from telling the whole truth to people.  If it’s something that I’ve learned over the many years of my life is that it is in human nature to be selfish and cruel.  It’s this thing that we call manners that stops us from showing the rest of the world how humanity really is.

Why do I say that?  Quite simple really.  When someone that you don’t like comes up to you and speaks to you, you don’t tell them what you really think, right?  It’s not only out of respect, but it’s also manners.  I feel that manners is apart of respect.  As an “evolved” society, we are taught that manners is important, but we also hide our true nature behind it as well.  As I’ve said in a previous post, “Its in our nature”  Yes, we are all forced to be “two-faced” as some would put it.  We can’t very well tell everyone that we meet up with what we truly think about them, now can we?  I mean we’ve seen what happens when that “reflex” is shut off.  Look at the movie Liar Liar starring Jim Carrey, while rather funny it’s true.

I know that I make humanity sound like uncaring beings.  I feel that it’s our “moral compass” or our sense of right and wrong that stops us from taking that step from uncaring to monstrous.  But, like any other species out there, we’re not perfect beings.  I feel that this is one of the things stopping our species from evolving further.  I feel that as the youngest species on the Earth, we’ve come a long way in the time of our existence.  I feel that we shouldn’t be in a rush to evolve further, but learn from this existence, and become greater beings from it.

This is my thoughts on this subject, and I present it to you for you to make your own minds up about.  Thanks for reading, and will catch you on the flip side. 🙂


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