Cat Movies


Since my last post was about Grumpy Cat going Hollywood, I thought that I’d list my ten of my favorite cat movies.  The list is in to particular order.

  • Garfield (2004).  There are made for TV movies that were fully animated, but this is one of two that hit the silver screen.
  • Garfield: The Tale of Two Kitties (2006).  Another silver screen Garfield movie featuring Garfield traveling abroad and meeting his twin.
  • Milo and Otis (1989). This enduring movie about a dog and a cat’s lifelong friendship.
  • The Aristocats (1970). This animated Disney movie is a cute story about a family of cats. 🙂
  • Puss in Boots (2011). This animated movie is about the cat in Shrek.  This movie is a prequel to Shrek showing the events of this cat leading up to his meet up with Shrek and his friends.
  • Cats & Dogs (2001).  This cute movie features talking cats and dogs.  The cats and dogs are in a battle that their humans are unaware of.
  • Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010). The sequel to Cats & Dogs.  Not as good as the first movie, but still one of my favorites.
  • The Cat From Outer Space (1978).  This cute movie is about a cat extra terrestrial who gets his space ship impounded by the U.S. Government, and is stranded.  He seeks help from humans to retrieve & repair his ship.
  • Pet Sematary (1989).  This horror/suspense movie was based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.  While the movie wasn’t just focused on the family’s cat, the cat did have a big role in the film.  I thought the cat was cute until it died. 😛
  • This spot is reserved until I see Grumpy Cat’s movie this Christmas. 🙂

OK, that’s my favorite 10 (well 9) movies.  I saved that last space because I love Grumpy Cat, and I’m almost certain that it’ll be one of my favorites when I finally get to see the movie.   Thanks for reading! 😀


Grumpy Cat Goes To Hollywood


Lifetime Network has announced that it has just started shooting Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.  Declared the Internet’s Most Influential Cat by Friskies for the month of July, has her own Cheerios commercial, and even made a guest appearance on QVC selling life-sized Grumpy Cat plushies.  I thought that there wasn’t anything else she could “invade” with her grumpy cuteness.  This was a very pleasant surprise.

In her upcoming movie written by Tim Hill and Jeff Morris, she plays a pet store cat that everyone overlooks and only a 12-year-old girl can communicate with her.  At the time of writing this post, Lifetime is currently casting the voice for Grumpy Cat.  The network has even said that the movie will be like a cross between Home Alone and Die Hard (I wonder if Grumpy Cat will be John McClain, lol).

Grumpy Cat merchandise on display at the American International Toy Fair in February.Credit Frank Franklin II/Associated Press

Grumpy Cat merchandise on display at the American International Toy Fair in February.Credit Frank Franklin II/Associated Press

Here’s a some trivia about the Internet’s famous kitty.  Grumpy Cat’s actual name is Tardar Sauce, named after the color of her fur.  She had her rise to fame from a photo that her owner’s brother had posted on Reddit.  Since her debut on the internet, she has had a book written about her (I have her book, it’s a cute book about how to become and stay grumpy with lots of pictures of the beloved kitty), a Cheerios commercial, plushie, and even a short-lived movie contract.

Image Courtesy of Grumpy Cat |

Image Courtesy of Grumpy Cat |

I’ll be anxiously awaiting the airing of her TV movie, it’ll be airing sometime this Christmas (2014).  If you’re interested, I’ll post the links I got the information for this post from, as well as links to her book both digital and hard copy at the end of this post.  Thanks for reading! 😀


What the???


How barbaric and arcane.  How could anyone eat a cat?  According to an article that I just read from the AFT on Yahoo! news, many people in Vietnam still do.  Perhaps before the industrial age, that would have been OK, but now in the 21st century?  Vietnam is one country that has many people there that enjoys eating cats.


In Hanoi they have a ban on eating cats so it would help to with the city’s rodent problem.  But, since there’s such a high demand for feline meat, thieves even steal pets.  Just as a warning to those whom are going to Vietnam make sure to make sure what the meat is before consuming it (ugh, gross).  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t eat any pet. I find it quite distasteful.  Anyhow, it’s rare to see any cats roaming the streets in Hanoi because of this barbaric custom.  According to the article, pet owners keep their pet cats behind locked doors tethered to a leash for fear that someone may steal their beloved kitty.

I have nothing against the Vietnamese, I just feel that it’s disgusting to eat a cute fuzzy cat that in many places including America is considered to be apart of the family and to be a cute pet.  The only time that I would consider eating a pet is during an Apocalypse where food is hard to come by or there just isn’t any.  Even then I wouldn’t be able to do kill a cat and eat it.  Ugh, no cat bits for me, thank you.

If you’re interested in the article that I mentioned in this post, you can read it here:

Ugh, how distasteful.  I think I just killed my own appetite.  Anyhow, this is my thought of the day today.  I felt that this needed to be brought to light seeing how distasteful this really is.  I hope that I haven’t killed your appetite as well.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

What Cats Think About Us

Egyptian Feline Artifacts. Photo Credit: Unknown

Egyptian Feline Artifacts.
Photo Credit: Unknown

There’s evidence that suggests that humans had domesticated cats 9,500 years ago, and they’ve been apart of our lives ever since then.  One of the earliest evidence of cat domestication is in China in an archeological site that’s an ancient farm.  The evidence found there suggests that cats served a variety of purposes at that Chinese farm.  They were encouraged hunters keeping the farm free of rodents and even pets.  Of course as we all knew Egyptians were very fond of felines as well, keeping them as pets, and they played a very important role in their society.

From his research on the domesticated feline behavior, John Bradshaw has come to the conclusion that cats don’t view humans like domesticated K9s do.  Dogs acknowledge that we’re different from them, and their behavior is vastly different from their relations with other dogs.  While cats on the other hand don’t vary their behavior very much from dealing with other cats to dealing with humans.

Kneading, grooming, putting their tails up in the air, and rubbing themselves on our legs are exactly what they do with other cats and some of these behaviors come from when they were kittens with their mothers.  These behaviors are how felines show that they care.  Unlike what many people may think, cats aren’t as dependent on humans as one may think.  Cats are only sociable to a point, Bradshaw says.

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Bradshaw also points out that felines are only sociable to a point, and don’t get along with everyone, human or cats.  When some owners decide to acquire another cat for their household because they love cats so much, they should take into account that their current cat may not like it very much, and to be prepared to give up if it doesn’t work out.  Personally, I don’t know about this because I know / heard about many cat people who get another cat after their first or second cat, and everyone (cat and human) get along great.  If I could have pets, I’d want two cats (no more, I think more than two is too much :P).

Anyhow, to sum up what I talked about in this post, I feel that cats don’t view us as human, they view us as felines that look and smell different from them.  If you’re interested in the articles that I got the information in this post from, the links are below:

Cat Leash Law?

Image courtesy of Vlado /

Image courtesy of Vlado /

A rural county in Kentucky has just adopted a new law of having all animals including cats on leashes if off of the owner’s property.  When first reading the article, I was like what the???  Apparently, the county of Oldham has the problem with too many cats wondering around digging up people’s gardens and using them as litter boxes.  Personally, the thought of walking a cat in a harness is both comical and cute all at the same time.

With all the farms in the area that uses cats as for mice deterrent and extermination, many people have cats running around outdoors during the day in Oldham.  From watching the animal rescue shows I know that cats are very hard to catch because of their agility.  I don’t even know why they made the law.  The article that I got this from states it’s a reminder to cat owners to be responsible for their cats.  Then why not ask them to do so other than introduce and adapt a ridiculous piece of legislation?

If you’re interested in this article, the link is below:

Thanks for reading! 😀

Poor Kitty…

On July 25th, 2014 WPTV in Palm Beach reported that Thomas Mcguinness, a Southern Florida native had posted a picture of himself on Facebook pointing a semi-automatic sidearm at a the head of a cat that he held helplessly by the scruff of the neck.  When seen by users of the social media site, it caused an outcry causing the social media giant to take the photo down from their site.  He also went on twitter stating that he didn’t know why everyone was so upset over a cat that they had shot only twice.  Apparently someone had even reported this to local law enforcement in Florida.

Animal Control Law Enforcement is looking to find this person for questioning.  If you have any knowledge of this person’s whereabouts please contact local law enforcement.  Appearently, he also posted a picture of him pointing what looked like the same sidearm to the head of a dog.  If you wish to view the article that this comes from the link is below:

Why would anyone hurt or kill a defenseless animal that hasn’t done anything to deserve it?  Isn’t it enough that some shelters kill unwanted animals?  The Hawaiian Humane Society is one such entity that the Honolulu City Council supports with taxpayer’s dollars.  I didn’t vote for those heartless people.  They do have a choice now that the Oahu SPCA has opened on the island in Kailua.  They are a NO KILL shelter.

Anyhow, I hope that they catch this guy and charge him with animal cruelty.

Cat Dials 9-1-1

Image courtesy of koratmember /

Image courtesy of koratmember /

Yesterday was a normal hot day  in Sarasota, Florida when this incident happened at a local cat shelter the Cat Depot.  One of the cats there Zeke whom has free reign of the office likes to walk across and lay across the electronics in the office.  Yesterday, he did just that on the Telephone accidentally calling 911 in the process.  When the operator on the other end picks up hears only a busy signal, immediately calls the number back to see if there was an emergency or not.

To the bewilderment of the person at the Cat Depot whom had answered the call, and went to see if there was an actual emergency, she went to the office where the call had come from knowing that that person had gone on lunch and was not in the office.  When she arrived in the office, she saw that the phone was off the hook and Zeke was laying across the phone.  It was then that she came to the conclusion that Zeke had accidentally called 911.

That was how the local news station had picked up on the story.  It was a slow day with not much news to report, so the boss there told them to run the story.  In the report, they had said that Zeke wanted a home so badly that he called for help.  At the time of the writing of this article, Zeke is up for adoption for $75 I believe.  I hope that this post and the news story helps to find this mischievous kitty a forever home. 🙂

Below is the link to the clip of the news broadcast that featured this extraordinary kitty. 🙂

If you’re interested in adopting Zeke, you can check the Cat Depot’s website at:

I really do hope that Zeke finds a forever home, no kitty should be without one. 🙂

Video Games and Cats

Many Indy game developers have a love for cats, at some game studios, they’ve become so intricate to the daily operations and setup that the coders end up writing them into the games.  The creator of the game Gone Home has 2 cats which they have written into the game as “Easter eggs”.  Easter eggs are secret areas or events written into a game for players to find.  They’re usually so well hidden only the most dedicated gamers find them.

Many coders love cats because they’re just like code, they’re are never yours (the cat owns you :P), and never quite in your control as as article on The Guardian says.  The article also says that the developers learn from them by just observing them.  Their interesting habits, crazy antics, etc (Fellow cat lovers will understand this one).  The most interesting part of the article is where it talks about how coders and cats are alike in the sense that they’re both loners.  Indie developers are outside the industry (the big name companies like Capcom and Square Enix), and the cats they pick up were rescues (strays or shelter animals) or the feline just followed them home.

I do agree that cats do help to sell games (certain types anyway).  What child wouldn’t want to play a game with a cute cat or cat like character in it? 🙂  For us adults we have cat woman in the BatMan Arkham series of games.  I love cats, but I wouldn’t want to play one in a FPS (First Person Shooter) game.  Cats aren’t violent creatures, they only react in self preservation, like all creatures on the Earth.  Where as dogs can and will react violently with or without the training of its owner.  As I’ve said in a previous post: Cats are loving creatures whom have souls that are ancient. 🙂

Yes, I am a cat person and I am biased.  For all the trolls out there before you say anything:  These are my thoughts and feelings, and there’s nothing that anyone can say or do that will change my mind… So bleh.  Cats Rule! 😀

Could your cat be giving away your location?


I know, you may have laughed when looking at the title of this post.  Yes, I do know that cat’s can’t talk.  But, their pictures can.  I’ve recently read an article about this subject.  In the information age, we have access to millions of gigabytes of information at our fingertips, and are able to share pictures on the go from our mobile devices to social media on the internet.

Most devices (and many cameras) attach extra information about the photo to the file.  Information like what the resolution is, what camera took it and if it has GPS built in, where the photo was taken.  No, the information isn’t encrypted in anyway, and is freely viewable on the Windows Operating System, and many third party programs.  No, I’m not paranoid, but stating fact.  I’ve looked at the information for one of the photos that I took with my camera phone.  Sad thing is, that there’s no function that I can find to disable this.  When you upload these files to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. these tags stay intact unless you remove them.

Luckily, there is an app that Microsoft has released for free that scrubs all the extra information off of image files.  You can get it from the following page:

Sorry, I’m not an apple user, so I do not have any information as to where to get a scrubber utility for the Apple Operating systems.  I’m not here to scare anyone, just inform people that this does exist.   Thanks for reading! 😀