Football (No, Not Soccer)!


Yay, football season is even closer now, and I think that I’ll write this post about my predictions for the AFC West.  I think that the chiefs will take the AFC West division title, with the Broncos in a close second.  They’ll be followed by the Chargers and lastly the Raiders.

  • Chiefs: 11-5
  • Broncos: 9-7
  • Chargers: 8-8
  • Raiders: 6-10

My pre-season prediction for the 2015 Super Bowl: Patriots & Eagles.

Although my wish is to see the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl and win, it’s unlikely.  I feel that team does have talent, they do have a ways to go before they’ll be able to take the Broncos and Patriots on and win.  Why did I pick those teams to go to the Super Bowl?  The Patriots have always had a strong team and I feel they stand the best chance for that reason.  The Broncos have a good team as well, and like the Patriots perform consistently, Manning is nowhere as good as Brady is (and for the record, I like neither of them).

I refuse to acknowledge the CFL (Canadian Football League) as a real league, and I can’t stand soccer.  I feel that it’s an insult to the NFL Football establishment and the players to say either is football.  Don’t get me wrong though, I have nothing against Canada.  In fact I’d like to visit the country one day. 🙂

I hope that the Chiefs prove my predictions wrong and make it to the Super Bowl and win.  Go Chiefs! 😀

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