The Walking Dead: The Governor


I remember having a discussion about if the Governor had really died or not in the 4th season when he duped everyone into attacking Rick and tbe others at the prison in one of The Walking Dead communities that I’m apart of. There was a lot of Governor fans saying that he was still alive because they didn’t show him actually dying.  Others were saying that he wasnt dead because they didn’t show him as a walker.

Of course, I was on the fence about it all until today when I watched the episode again on The Dead, White, and Blue marathon.  I clearly saw Michonne stab the Governor with her Katana then the other gal came up and shot him in the head. This shows that he clearly died.  This also rules out the walker theory is out as well because he was shot in the head, and couldn’t be reanimated.

As I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, seasons 3 and 4 are the best so far. I feel that the first 2 seasons were rather slow and boring. I can’t wait to see how Rick and the others get out of that box car. I would really want to see their captors get theirs.

I wanna see Glenn and Maggie kick ass together, I think that would be totally awesome. 🙂 I’d also like to see Abraham be a wiseass again. I loved his one liner:

Son of a dick!


Every time I see that scene, I can’t help but laugh. I’d also have to say that Eugene is lying. He’s no scientist, nor does he know what’s going on in D.C. I think that Washington DC is like Atlanta is. A city full of the walking dead. There is no United States government or any government anywhere in the world for that matter. I say this because of what the scientist had told them at the CDC in the first season. There’s nothing left.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the debate and the highly anticipated upcoming 5th season. Thanks for reading! 😀


One thought on “The Walking Dead: The Governor

  1. I have to say I consider myself a bit of a Walking Dead addict. I have resorted to going back and watching Season 1, which lead to me starting a blog. “Son of dick” was truly a priceless quote. I too look forward to seeing how the group gets out of that box car! I avoid reading any spoilers because I don’t want to know what to expect.

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