Mr./Ms. Right…


Yeah, sure. Mr./Ms. Right. The perfect woman/man. The one thing that I’ve learned during my adult life is that there is no such thing. Many times I’ve seen posts and blog entries about the perfect man. Sorry, there isn’t one… Just as “gentlemen” is an extinct breed. I was once nice, and the gentleman until I was hurt one too many times by the opposite sex. Now I only seek to protect myself from being hurt again.

Men are pigs, assholes, etc. Come on ladies, if you have want to be treated like a lady behave like one. If you don’t want to be used or hurt, don’t do it to someone else. In my experience women are far worse than men are. I’ve been abused both mentally and physically by women. So before anyone says men are worse, I beg to differ.


That’s what I have to say to women that constantly bash men. I do realize that not all women are bad, but the vast majority are. I’m tired of seeing women bash men because they’re the ones that are supposed to be perfect. I tell you, women are no better.

OK, my rant is done. I’m not here to start a battle of the sexes, nor state who’s right or wrong. These are just my feelings and thoughts about this subject. I leave it to you to make your mind up about this subject. Thanks for reading my rant. 🙂

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