2014 Election

Election2014I just finished watching the debates that I had recorded a few days ago.  I won’t mention names, just parties because of the nature of this subject.  Politics is a touchy subject for many and I don’t need nor want a flame war.  I’ll start by saying that many people that I speak to are brainwashed by what they see on TV and society in general.

I’d first like to touch on the subject that one of the candidates for the open House of Representatives seat in Washington stated that the democratic party has to take action and stamp out the Republicans in congress.  I for one do not want a one party government.  The multiparty system insures that all sides are cared for, not just one side.

The Democrats scare me.  They’re not very good with foreign relations (they’ve proven this recently with the fiasco in the middle east), and they’ve done nothing good domestically either.  The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a.: Obama Care does not live up to its name and raised the costs of health care for everyone.  And to show how much they’ve messed things up, the local legislature here in Hawaii is predominately Democrat has allowed the closing of public schools, and pushed for a rail system that will ultimately end up in failure.  Our Democrat Governor has even pushed for Preschool for all students when the DOE (Department of Education) doesn’t have enough funding for equipment (desks, book, etc.).  Where is the money coming from, a money tree?  Sheesh.

The Democrat government here allowed the HSTA (Hawaii State Teachers Association) to strike, leaving Hawaii’s students without an education for quite some time.  The extra money in the Hawaii State budget went to them, making everything else suffer in the process.  While the Governor at the time was Republican, local legislature was Democrat led.  So the then Governor had no option and started furloughing state employees, harming thousands of workers in the process.  If you poll the Teachers in the HSTA I’d say a good 90% of them are democrats.  Oh, yeah they represent that they care about people.  The only people they care about are themselves.  Yeah, they’re good democrats.

All the democrats here complain things are screwed up, the cost of living here is too high, etc.  But they keep electing the same political party into office.  It comes to show you that the Democrat party is no better than Republicans, and just want to cost everyone more money.  They make the working class suffer by instituting all these programs, but it’s the working class that pays most of the taxes, so when they raise taxes (or make new ones) to support all these “community programs” everyone pays.

Right now, there’s children dieing in China in those “Internet Addiction” boot camps, but President Obama hasn’t taken action like he has in the middle east.  He’s more willing to send our people to die than enter diplomatic negotiations to help children.  What has this country come to?  The democrats complain that Republicans are warmongers, but if you look at history, you’ll notice that most of the times that America has entered a war or conflict a democrat president was the one that was the one that initiated the sending of troops.

So, would I want a one party government? No. The Democrats scare me, I don’t feel that the Republicans are as bad, but I wouldn’t want a full Republican legislature either.  We need balance, and someone in the Oval Office that isn’t screwing up everything for the country.  President Clinton, Bush (Both of them), and Regan did a much better job in office than Obama.

Yes, I am Republican, and my views are biased.  But I only state facts in this post.  In the ending, I leave it to my readers to decide what to think about my post, I’m not here to start arguments, just to voice my thoughts and feelings about this subject.  Thanks for reading! 😀

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