Cat: Man’s New Best Friend

funny-pictures-cat-says-he-is-mans-best-friend While dog lovers will disagree with me, I feel that cat is man’s new best friend.  I feel that cats are more sensitive to the feelings of their humans than dogs.  An article that I read tells about a cat that sensed the unease of one of his humans before he went to school and walked with him to school every day.  She even walked with his mother to pick up him up from school everyday.  If you’re interested, you can read the article here.

In an article posted on the Chicago Sun Times website also affirms my thoughts.  In the article they state that cat owners connect with their cats on a very deep level.  The felines also communicate verbally with their cat parents with meowing, purrs, or hissing.  You can read this article here.  I remember that my stepsister’s cat and I had bonded because she wasn’t home (she was at college), and I spent a lot of time with him.  I could tell when he was hungry (he looked at me a certain way and meowed), when he wanted attention (rubbing up against me, sitting on my lap, or sitting on my chest when I was lying down watching TV).  I’ve never seen him angry or scared though.

Tara The Hero Cat
A wallpaper from Tara’s Official Website

Yes, a cat can protect you as well, just look at the case of Tara The Hero Cat.  She protected her “brother” a young boy from an attacking dog with a body blow.  I feel that cats bond with their humans on a much deeper level than dogs do with their humans.  Cat lovers know what I’m talking about. 🙂 I am a cat lover, so yes my views are biased, but I’d rather have a cat than a dog as I’ve explained in my other posts.  But, I’m not here to start arguments or flame wars.  I’m only voicing my thoughts and perspective on this subject.  I leave it to my readers to decide for themselves what to think of the subject.  Thanks for reading. 😀


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