America and Illegal Immagrants


Immigration…  Most of the people that live in America are descendants of Immigrants that arrived generations ago.  When I read the story about people in Oracle Arizona protesting and complaining about the illegal child immigrants forget that we’re all immigrants (unless you’re Native American that is).  My Grandparents came from Japan many years ago.  It upsets me that they want to turn away helpless children.

Granted, I do understand that they feel that the government is forcing outsiders on them without telling them or asking for permission.  But, they forget that many white people came to America from Europe trying to escape religious persecution.  Even here in Hawaii, we’re all immigrants coming from other countries when sugar was big here and there was an employment boom.  My grandfather worked for a sugar company when he was young and raising his family.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like them forcing themselves on us using the incorrect way.  But, these immigrants are just children seeking shelter from a dangerous home that they come from.  I also feel that it’s not the job of the American citizen to house, take care of, and educate these children whom entered the country illegally.  On the same hand they are just children, and we must take care of them, and send them back to where they come from as soon as possible.  Yeah, I know I’m contradicting myself.  This is a very hard topic to speak about seeing that children are involved.

My question is, where is the action by the Obama administration?  Our legislators?  When is the federal government going to take action?  Anyhow, that’s my rant for today.  Thank you for reading. 🙂


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