England’s Hero Cat


Just as Tara The Hero Cat captured the hearts of Americans when she rescued her human “brother” from an attacking dog, Smudge in Doncaster, England rescued her human when he was being picked on by bullies.  Ethan Fenton, his owner was playing in the yard when the bullies approached and began to harass him.  Before his mother whom was watching over them could react, Smudge leaps out from under the family vehicle and pounced on the tallest bully’s chest.  Taken by surprise, the bully cries and runs away his friends in tow.  His mother says that smudge now sleeps outside the door keeping guard when Ethan sleeps.

Smudge has been nominated for his bravery for the bravest cat award.  As I’ve said before in my other posts, cats can protect their families as well. The case in California wasn’t a fluke.  While dog owners will argue that they can’t protect as well as dogs, I feel that cats are just as loyal and protective of their human families as dogs.  They’re much more clean as well.

How many times I go walking in my neighborhood and I see dog feces on the ground that the owners failed to pick up as it is their responsibility.  Deep in the heart of Honolulu, dog owners petitioned and got land taken from a public park for a dog park.  They make the majority suffer for a small group of people.  In the area they got the dog park in has no single family homes, only condos and apartments.  I feel that generally dogs are high maintenance creatures that have owners that are too lazy to pick up after them after they do their business.  Not only is it disgusting, it’s a health hazard.  I feel that none of this is the dog’s fault, it’s their owner(s).  If you want a dog, buy a house, and live in the suburbs.  Simple as that.  OK, my rant is done.

Anyhow, as I said before getting off track, cats can guard their families just as well as dogs, this case supports my argument.  As always, I’m not here to start flame wars, or arguments, I am just presenting my thoughts on the subject.  All images are copyright their perspective holders.  Thanks for reading. 🙂


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