The Paranormal


If you believe in the paranormal, then you know that spirits can be anywhere and everywhere.  Here in Hawaii due to all the different nationalities in the state, we have a multitude of beliefs about the supernatural.  If you’ve ever read the Obake Files By Glenn Grant, you can see how culturally rich our paranormal beliefs are.  When I was younger, I fancied myself a “ghost hunter” before all of the reality shows hit TV.  Over the many years that I did my research and went on “hunts” I’ve learned one valuable thing:

The hunter can easily become the hunted.

Mind you, I’ve had no close calls, but after doing my research, I don’t want one.  Yes, while many questions remain, about Amityville, something like that can happen in real life.  Don’t get me wrong, I laugh at horror movies, and it does take a lot to scare me.  Living here in Hawaii has also taught me to have a healthy respect for the paranormal.

If I ever go into a house or building and hear a something saying “get out!”, you can bet your behind that I’ll be the first person out the door.  I will not try to help a ghost, I will get as far away from it, and go and get blessed by a priest.  I do have rules of survival that I abide by if I ever find myself in a horror movie like situation.  They’re not much different than the rules from Randy Meeks in the Scream movie trilogy.  I’ll list some of them below for your amusement / information:

  • Be the one that believes, the one that doesn’t believe always dies.
  • Never split up into groups, there is safety in numbers (for most situations).
  • Never ask who’s there when you hear someone/something making noises.
  • Never undress.  Naked = Dead.
  • Never do drugs or drink alcohol.  It’s the sin factor, and you need to have all your senses at 100% if you want to live.
  • Never have sex (I just don’t understand, why anyone would want to have sex when they know there is something/someone out there killing people).
  • If the killer is chasing you, do not run upstairs, run out the nearest door.
  • Even if the car is brand new, don’t bother trying to start it or try to get away in it.  It won’t start.
  • If you’re facing a horde of zombies, run!
  • Never be the fearless jock type.  They usually get killed almost right away.

OK, those are some of my rules.  I have more, but this post would become very large, and I don’t want to bore you with them.  The paranormal isn’t something to be messed around with, and is to be respected.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post.  Thanks for reading! 😀

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