Cat Virus On Maui Still Spreading

"Green Eye Cat" by tiverylucky, from
“Green Eye Cat” by tiverylucky, from

The feline virus panleukopenia (feline distemper) was reported earlier this month is still spreading on Maui.  Veterinarians say that this virus attacks the feline’s blood cells is highly contagious and deadly.  Kittens are highly susceptible as well as cats without the vaccination.  As far as the experts in Hawaii can tell, this is the first case of this feline condition to happen in the state.

Currently, Maui is combating the virus by vaccinating cats, and they are hoping to contain it to one area of the island.  Hawaii’s strict quarantine policies have kept this virus out of the state until recently.  The good news is that the vaccination is highly effective, and experts are recommending that if your cat doesn’t have the vaccination to have your cat vaccinated.  The virus is hearty and can survive outside of felines for long periods of time.

Kitten Check Up Photo: The National Guard
Kitten Check Up
Photo: The National Guard

Veterinarians are recommending that you take your cat to see your Veterinarian for a check up and get any vaccinations necessary.  Even if you don’t live in Hawaii, it’s always good to take your furry family member to see their “Personal Care Physician” regularly for preventative medical checkups.  Just like you would go to see your doctor for a physical or something similar. 🙂

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