The Mass Media

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The mass media… TV, radio, and now the internet.  I’ve really never given thought to how impressionable people are.  I’m not talking about children, I’m speaking of adults.  Personally, I take everything with a grain of salt especially if it’s on TV or the radio.  With the internet you can go to different sites and see different opinions about the subject at hand.  I’m not a band wagon person, I like to research and decide what to think for myself.  As George Carlin said,

I have this idiot thing that I do, it’s called THINKING.

Everyone knows that TV and radio in the United States is overseen by the federal government (namely the Federal Communications Commission).  I feel that they’re just the mouth piece for the President of The United States (whom I never voted for, nor do I trust). I don’t subscribe to the thinking that just because someone else has less than me, I should pay higher taxes so that I can give them money.

I only have one thing to say to that: Get a job.  People are homeless because they want to be.  How many homeless people they’ve interviewed on TV bluntly said that they don’t want to work.  I’ve even asked someone why not get a job.  One excuse is that they don’t have a home address.  Institutes like the Institute for Humane Services (IHS) will allow them to use their address for a home address on a job application.  Their phone number too.  Anyhow…

A good example of media conditioning is my father.  He believes everything that he sees on the news, and refuses to believe that the Democrat party can do anything wrong.  That’s the thinking that will turn the Untied States into Anarchy.  Help everyone else before turning eyes to the problems in the United States, help others at the expense of others.  I don’t believe in that philosophy.  America was founded on the principle of free enterprise.  Yes, help others if there’s room in the budget for it.  If there isn’t any, tough luck.  Don’t take money away from needed programs to lower the deficit, unless it’s a program that isn’t very important.  Don’t make new programs if there’s no money for it, and don’t raise taxes to fund a program that doesn’t benefit everyone.  Anyhow, the bad thing about it, is that he refuses to see that Hawaii is in the predicament that it’s in because of Democrats…  They’ve had over 50 years to screw things up here, and boy did they do a number on this state.

I encourage everyone to research, learn, and think for yourselves.  Just because you see it on TV, hear it on the radio, or see it on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s fact or the truth for that matter.


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