Could your cat be giving away your location?


I know, you may have laughed when looking at the title of this post.  Yes, I do know that cat’s can’t talk.  But, their pictures can.  I’ve recently read an article about this subject.  In the information age, we have access to millions of gigabytes of information at our fingertips, and are able to share pictures on the go from our mobile devices to social media on the internet.

Most devices (and many cameras) attach extra information about the photo to the file.  Information like what the resolution is, what camera took it and if it has GPS built in, where the photo was taken.  No, the information isn’t encrypted in anyway, and is freely viewable on the Windows Operating System, and many third party programs.  No, I’m not paranoid, but stating fact.  I’ve looked at the information for one of the photos that I took with my camera phone.  Sad thing is, that there’s no function that I can find to disable this.  When you upload these files to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. these tags stay intact unless you remove them.

Luckily, there is an app that Microsoft has released for free that scrubs all the extra information off of image files.  You can get it from the following page:

Sorry, I’m not an apple user, so I do not have any information as to where to get a scrubber utility for the Apple Operating systems.  I’m not here to scare anyone, just inform people that this does exist.   Thanks for reading! 😀

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