Video Games and Cats

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Many Indy game developers have a love for cats, at some game studios, they’ve become so intricate to the daily operations and setup that the coders end up writing them into the games.  The creator of the game Gone Home has 2 cats which they have written into the game as “Easter eggs”.  Easter eggs are secret areas or events written into a game for players to find.  They’re usually so well hidden only the most dedicated gamers find them.

Many coders love cats because they’re just like code, they’re are never yours (the cat owns you :P), and never quite in your control as as article on The Guardian says.  The article also says that the developers learn from them by just observing them.  Their interesting habits, crazy antics, etc (Fellow cat lovers will understand this one).  The most interesting part of the article is where it talks about how coders and cats are alike in the sense that they’re both loners.  Indie developers are outside the industry (the big name companies like Capcom and Square Enix), and the cats they pick up were rescues (strays or shelter animals) or the feline just followed them home.

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I do agree that cats do help to sell games (certain types anyway).  What child wouldn’t want to play a game with a cute cat or cat like character in it? 🙂  For us adults we have cat woman in the BatMan Arkham series of games.  I love cats, but I wouldn’t want to play one in a FPS (First Person Shooter) game.  Cats aren’t violent creatures, they only react in self preservation, like all creatures on the Earth.  Where as dogs can and will react violently with or without the training of its owner.  As I’ve said in a previous post: Cats are loving creatures whom have souls that are ancient. 🙂

Yes, I am a cat person and I am biased.  For all the trolls out there before you say anything:  These are my thoughts and feelings, and there’s nothing that anyone can say or do that will change my mind… So bleh.  Cats Rule! 😀

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