Poor Kitty…

On July 25th, 2014 WPTV in Palm Beach reported that Thomas Mcguinness, a Southern Florida native had posted a picture of himself on Facebook pointing a semi-automatic sidearm at a the head of a cat that he held helplessly by the scruff of the neck.  When seen by users of the social media site, it caused an outcry causing the social media giant to take the photo down from their site.  He also went on twitter stating that he didn’t know why everyone was so upset over a cat that they had shot only twice.  Apparently someone had even reported this to local law enforcement in Florida.

Animal Control Law Enforcement is looking to find this person for questioning.  If you have any knowledge of this person’s whereabouts please contact local law enforcement.  Appearently, he also posted a picture of him pointing what looked like the same sidearm to the head of a dog.  If you wish to view the article that this comes from the link is below:


Why would anyone hurt or kill a defenseless animal that hasn’t done anything to deserve it?  Isn’t it enough that some shelters kill unwanted animals?  The Hawaiian Humane Society is one such entity that the Honolulu City Council supports with taxpayer’s dollars.  I didn’t vote for those heartless people.  They do have a choice now that the Oahu SPCA has opened on the island in Kailua.  They are a NO KILL shelter.

Anyhow, I hope that they catch this guy and charge him with animal cruelty.


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