Cat Leash Law?

Image courtesy of Vlado /
Image courtesy of Vlado /

A rural county in Kentucky has just adopted a new law of having all animals including cats on leashes if off of the owner’s property.  When first reading the article, I was like what the???  Apparently, the county of Oldham has the problem with too many cats wondering around digging up people’s gardens and using them as litter boxes.  Personally, the thought of walking a cat in a harness is both comical and cute all at the same time.

With all the farms in the area that uses cats as for mice deterrent and extermination, many people have cats running around outdoors during the day in Oldham.  From watching the animal rescue shows I know that cats are very hard to catch because of their agility.  I don’t even know why they made the law.  The article that I got this from states it’s a reminder to cat owners to be responsible for their cats.  Then why not ask them to do so other than introduce and adapt a ridiculous piece of legislation?

If you’re interested in this article, the link is below:

Thanks for reading! 😀


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