What Cats Think About Us

Egyptian Feline Artifacts. Photo Credit: Unknown
Egyptian Feline Artifacts.
Photo Credit: Unknown

There’s evidence that suggests that humans had domesticated cats 9,500 years ago, and they’ve been apart of our lives ever since then.  One of the earliest evidence of cat domestication is in China in an archeological site that’s an ancient farm.  The evidence found there suggests that cats served a variety of purposes at that Chinese farm.  They were encouraged hunters keeping the farm free of rodents and even pets.  Of course as we all knew Egyptians were very fond of felines as well, keeping them as pets, and they played a very important role in their society.

From his research on the domesticated feline behavior, John Bradshaw has come to the conclusion that cats don’t view humans like domesticated K9s do.  Dogs acknowledge that we’re different from them, and their behavior is vastly different from their relations with other dogs.  While cats on the other hand don’t vary their behavior very much from dealing with other cats to dealing with humans.

Kneading, grooming, putting their tails up in the air, and rubbing themselves on our legs are exactly what they do with other cats and some of these behaviors come from when they were kittens with their mothers.  These behaviors are how felines show that they care.  Unlike what many people may think, cats aren’t as dependent on humans as one may think.  Cats are only sociable to a point, Bradshaw says.

Image courtesy of: http://www.moggyblog.com
Image courtesy of:

Bradshaw also points out that felines are only sociable to a point, and don’t get along with everyone, human or cats.  When some owners decide to acquire another cat for their household because they love cats so much, they should take into account that their current cat may not like it very much, and to be prepared to give up if it doesn’t work out.  Personally, I don’t know about this because I know / heard about many cat people who get another cat after their first or second cat, and everyone (cat and human) get along great.  If I could have pets, I’d want two cats (no more, I think more than two is too much :P).

Anyhow, to sum up what I talked about in this post, I feel that cats don’t view us as human, they view us as felines that look and smell different from them.  If you’re interested in the articles that I got the information in this post from, the links are below:


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