What the???


How barbaric and arcane.  How could anyone eat a cat?  According to an article that I just read from the AFT on Yahoo! news, many people in Vietnam still do.  Perhaps before the industrial age, that would have been OK, but now in the 21st century?  Vietnam is one country that has many people there that enjoys eating cats.


In Hanoi they have a ban on eating cats so it would help to with the city’s rodent problem.  But, since there’s such a high demand for feline meat, thieves even steal pets.  Just as a warning to those whom are going to Vietnam make sure to make sure what the meat is before consuming it (ugh, gross).  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t eat any pet. I find it quite distasteful.  Anyhow, it’s rare to see any cats roaming the streets in Hanoi because of this barbaric custom.  According to the article, pet owners keep their pet cats behind locked doors tethered to a leash for fear that someone may steal their beloved kitty.

I have nothing against the Vietnamese, I just feel that it’s disgusting to eat a cute fuzzy cat that in many places including America is considered to be apart of the family and to be a cute pet.  The only time that I would consider eating a pet is during an Apocalypse where food is hard to come by or there just isn’t any.  Even then I wouldn’t be able to do kill a cat and eat it.  Ugh, no cat bits for me, thank you.

If you’re interested in the article that I mentioned in this post, you can read it here:


Ugh, how distasteful.  I think I just killed my own appetite.  Anyhow, this is my thought of the day today.  I felt that this needed to be brought to light seeing how distasteful this really is.  I hope that I haven’t killed your appetite as well.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

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