Breaking News: The Kansas City Chiefs Resigns Alex Smith!

The Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith have finally come to an agreement and inked a new contract. A four year, $68 (not including bonuses) million dollar contract. That comes out to about $17 million a year.

I’m happy that Alex Smith will be staying with the Chiefs. I hope that there will be much more good times, wins, and hopefully a successful trip to a Superbowl!

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Chiefs Release Succop?

KC Chiefs Logo

KC Chiefs Logo

Making the headlines in the Chiefs Kingdom is the announced release of Ryan Succop in favor of the non-draft rookie Cairo Santos.  I haven’t really questioned the moves made by the “flag ranking” admins of the Chiefs, but this one is a real mind bender. Succop is established, has a great record, and is very consistent in his performance.  To trade him for a rookie is baffling to say the least.

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Succop has a 81% accuracy in his career with the Chiefs, with 17 field goals of 50 yards.  In Chiefs history he’s been the most accurate kicker to date.  He’s 6’2″ so he does have the height advantage there.   Where as Cairo Santos has no professional experience except for the preseason as of writing this post, he has made 61 of 78 filed goals while playing at Tulane; and stands at 5’8″.


You can see the big difference there, and playing in preseason is nothing like playing in the regular season.  With Succop, you know his capabilities, and know what results to expect.  Whereas with the rookie, you don’t know how he’ll perform, and he’ll need time to adjust to the professional league, and his new teammates.  That’s not even including the time needed to train as well.  I just don’t understand it.

I just hope that the Chiefs staff know what they’re doing, I just want the chiefs to win a Super Bowl before I die.  The last one that they won was before I was born.  I suppose that there is an up side to all of this.  With all the people that they’re releasing, that’s more money they can offer Alex Smith so they can finally get a contract hammered out.  I hope that they re-sign him soon.

Go Chiefs!

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Melbourne’s Hero Cat

I’ve just stumbled upon another article about a hero cat.  This one in Melbourne, Australia.  A family’s Tabby cat named Tilly saved her family from a fire that her humans weren’t aware of in the attic.  Matt Clayton one of her humans was sitting with her when she started looking at the ceiling then looking at him.  It was this combined with her purring says Matt that caused him to investigate. When he had opened the access panel to lower the ladder, smoke came pouring out and he called the firefighters.

If it wasn’t for the actions of this heroic kitty, the house would’ve burned down in 20 minutes says the fire chief when interviewed.  He had also commented that he had never seen a cat step up to save the day before.  Originally, Matt admitted that he had wanted a dog, but Tilly the kitty had proven to be Man’s Best Friend.  He had also joked that he should change the cat’s name to Smokey.

This just goes to show what I’ve been saying all along, that cats can be man’s best friend.  The closest relative to the cat would be the lion some believe.  Those big cats live in prides or families that protect and care for one another.  Cats aren’t solitary creatures, but a family orientated one that thrives on love and care just like any other.  Nothing beats a warm, fuzzy kitty on your lap on a lonely day. 😀

If you’re interested, I have the link for the article below where I found out about this hero kitty. Thanks for reading! 😀

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Daryl Dixon is Homosexual?


There’s an article on E! Online about the possibility Daryl being homosexual and the introduction of a homosexual character. If Daryl turns out to be homosexual, it would crush the dreams of many of his lady fans.

Daryl’s orientation has really never been focused on in the series due to his character being so closed off and guarded. But has been hinted at. Personally, I don’t really care what his orientation is, but an ass kicking, zombie killing bad ass that’s homosexual? Hollywood is indeed breaking its own molds on this one. It would be one hell of a story twist.

On a related note, according to the article, the writers are intending on introducing a homosexual character in the series (author’s note: There’s already a homosexual character in the series Tara (I think she’s hot), I assume E! Online means a male homosexual character) into the series storyline. The writing for the series is very good, I’m sure the character will be just as dynamic as all the other characters on the series.

I think the news about Daryl may upset many ladies out there, I wonder what will happen if he does turn out to be homosexual? I’ll be watching my social media feeds for this one. Who needs dramatic TV shows and movies when in real life people are so mellow-dramatic? Lol

Anyhow, just thought that I’d share news about my favorite TV series. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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Vagrant Problems in Hawaii & Democrats


The controversial problem here in Hawaii is what to do about all the homeless people (vagrants) in the state.  Our weather and the programs in place to help the homeless make this an ideal place for homeless to come from around the country.  In fact there has been speculation by the State Government that other states are flying their homeless here because of the weather and the social programs already in place (it’s less expensive for the state that the homeless person is from as well).

A pilot program that had been in place to fly the homeless home that had come from other states was killed in the local Senate and House of Representatives.  The plan was to set aside $100,000 from the fiscal budget to fly those implanted vagrants back to where they came from.  It would be more fiscally responsible to fly them home than to pour even more money into the system that cares for the homeless.  That, and I’m sure that they would love to go home, to family and loved ones whom may not be able to afford to pay for the homeless person to go back home.  As I said previously, this program was killed.  Everyone talks about wanting to help them…  Help them get home.

Then there was the law that the City Council had put into place making it illegal for people to block the sidewalks, all that did was cause protest by the so called protesting group at Thomas Square Park.  Because of whatever reason they had (IMO, it doesn’t matter what the reason was, the law was actually helping the neighborhood pedestrians with walking on the sidewalk), they had repealed the law (SMH).

Then in Waikiki, the tourist hub of the island, to try to combat the problems of the vagrants making the area look bad and homeless from harassing the tourists here; they closed parks at night, banned lean-tos and tents in public places.  The part that gets me is the punishment for breaking those laws.  Prison time and fines?  In prison, they spend a month at the most, then go back to being homeless and lurking/trespassing/etc.  The fine?  They’re homeless with no job, and can’t pay the ticket anyway.  It just makes no sense.  Normal punishment won’t work in these situations.

I’ve seen many times that the state government’s answer to the problem of homelessness is to construct more affordable housing on the island.  My response to that is, “Hello!  They have no jobs, can get no jobs, therefore have no money!  That and $350,000 for a studio isn’t affordable.  Most people making minimum wage can’t even afford to pay the mortgage.”

Then there’s Tom Brower a lawmaker here in Hawaii damaging private property to stop the homeless from taking the carts and using them to cart around their belongings.  Those carts are the property of the store, and cost thousands per cart, the more that goes missing without being returned drives up costs to the store, and in turn, the store passes that cost on to the consumer (SMH, DEMOCRATS).

Then there’s the Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness (HICH) was established in July 2011 through executive order by Gov. Neil Abercrombie (A Democrat).  They haven’t done anything as of this post, the homeless problem has only gotten worse.  They’ve taken no real action to lower the amount of homeless people here, if they have, it’s not enough (Sad).  A waste of tax-payer dollars.

This year during the elections for the seats in Washington, DC, the Governor’s seat, and locally only four candidates has made the homeless problem as key point in their election campaigns.  Two of them are Jeff Davis (Libertarian) and Duke Aiona (Republican).   Aiona says that he’ll work with the Hawaii National Guard to implement plans to help the homeless veterans in the state.  For the non-veterans, he wants to set up a Homeless court that will allow the homeless to get of the streets immediately.   Two congressional candidates have ideas as well, but it supports the building of more affordable housing.  Useless (see my comments above).

It takes a non-Democrat to think outside the box.  Here in Hawaii, we are stuck in a rut when it comes to many issues like this one.  It’s time that we elect people into office that has different values than the Democrats.  They’ve held power here in Hawaii for as long as I can remember.  They’re hypocrites, war-mongers, and busy bodies who want to solve everyone else’s problems before our own.  President Obama has shown that in his administration.  He was also slow to respond to the riots happening in Ferguson, Missouri as well.

I urge those in Hawaii to vote for someone else other than a Democrat this election.  It’s time for a true change here in Hawaii, and I don’t mean the Affordable Healthcare Act either.  If you want the links for the places that I got the information for in this post, I have them below.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

Wall Cat

Wall Cat

Wall Cat

Recently I’ve found evidence that there is a Wall Cat (the above picture).  After doing some research, I have found the following information.

The Family Tree For Wall Cat

The Family Tree For Wall Cat

I traced back the godly family and found his parents are Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat.  The parents of Ceiling Cat were Pharaoh Cat and Empress Cat.  The parents of Basement Cat were Diablo Cat and Venus Cat.  Looks like Basement cat and Ceiling Cat had in illegitimate child that they were keeping secret.  Not much else was found about this family as records were never kept by these gods.

Someone Finally Found A Good Use for an iMac!


Image Courtesy of Miles & Aimee Harrison

I just found out that Miles & Aimee Harrison make wonderful cat beds out of Old iMacs. Cats love small enclosed areas and the old iMacs fit that bill. They gut the old machine, and make some other modifications, and *poof!* a great cat bed. 🙂

If you’re interested, here’s the link to thier store on etsy. This product is a great way to recycle old computers. 🙂

Regulating the beach?

Image courtesy of Liz Noffsinger / stockimages

Image courtesy of Liz Noffsinger / stockimages

I live on an island, we’re surrounded by beaches and the ocean.  Yet, there are parties that want to restrict the use of the ocean and certain beaches to those who paddle board.  Of course both sides are fighting for what they want.  I personally don’t like the beach due to the sand and very unsanitary conditions (IMO).  I’ve seen the reactions on the news from both sides, and I’ve decided to look further into this.


Image Courtesy of Google | Author’s Note: This isn’t Ala Moana Lagoon.

This is not the first time that people have asked for regulation of the waters.  In 2010, people had asked that the regulation of the use of the waters in the Ala Moana Lagoon, due to just about the same reasons that are being presented presently.   They reached an agreement to separate the waters with buoys so that everyone could use the ocean at the beach at the same time.

I understand the view point of the swimmers.  Having so many paddle boards, surfboards, etc. out in the water in the same area as swimmers is quite dangerous.  Especially the paddle boarders, not only do they have the board in the water, they also have the paddle to help propel them and steer.  Someone could be hit by either of those items.  From what it sounds like to me, is that the popularity of paddle boarding is increasing, therefore so does the risk of someone being hurt.  Seeing that this state gets the majority of it’s money from tourism, I feel that there should be regulation due to keeping our visitors safe and coming back here for vacations.

Buoys can’t be considered at Ala Moana Beach or at Waikiki Beach, it’ll mar things for our visitors (It’ll look really ugly, isn’t it bad enough that we have the rail system going up as well?).  Regulating when and where the  Paddle boarders can use the beach seems like the only reasonable answer.  Regulating swimmers at these beaches aren’t an option due to our reliance on on tourism.  If I was visiting here, I wouldn’t want to see buoys at the beaches or be told that I can’t swim at the beach because today only the paddle boarders are allowed to use the water.

On the other hand, I do understand the side of the paddle boarders as well, though.  It’s not fair to them that only they be regulated.  But they are in the minority.  As I remember Spock saying in one of the movies:

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one or the few.

Yes, regulation or setting up a beach just for paddle board users would be best in my opinion.  While I do feel that the beaches are there for everyone to use, safety is an important factor as well is the success of our visitor industry.  I just wish that everyone could just be civil about it.  It’s small things like this that make the biggest messes, IMO.  Anyhow, this is my take on this subject.  Thanks for reading. 🙂


Image courtesy of Dan /

Image courtesy of Dan /

Why do people do such cruel things to animals?  I just read and article about people starting to pierce and tattoo their cats for aesthetic reasons.  In New York, kittens were being sold with piercings.  Why?  What’s even worse is the tattooing.  They say that the animal is put under anesthesia while being tattooed.  But, what about after it wears off?  I remember that mine hurt for a few days after I had one done myself.  Poor kitties. 😦

People on social media scream about people who post (they even go to the point of cyber bullying in some cases) videos and animated gifs files that depict the simplest things like a trained veterinarian using a binder clip on a cat to keep it calm for exam, or USAF archive footage of zero gravity testing on cats, but when it comes to things like this, people turn the other cheek.  It just shows me that people are ill informed, over emotional, lazy (they don’t want to take a few minutes and research, if they’re on social media, they’re on a computer and have an internet connection) and generally uneducated.

It’s rather disappointing that there are so many that complain, but do nothing to help the situation that they view is so wrong.  I view declawing of cats as animal abuse, and I support the Paw Project.  I have written law makers both locally and in Washington, DC asking for a law to be written to stop declawing.  Unfortunately the Democrats I’ve written could care less (Hawaii’s representatives and senators are both locally in in DC are Democrats).  I’ve written President Obama too, and got the response that he doesn’t care as well.  Anyhow, I did take action unlike most people.

Please, stop complaining about others and take action if you feel that they’re doing something so wrong.  Write your local law makers…  Contact authorities…  It is not your job to bully, swear at, or put the person down whom posted something.  I for one (and probably many others feel the same, I imagine), do not want to see that in their feed.  Take action to protect the planet’s lovable furry inhabitants.

Anyhow, before going way off topic, New York outlawed the piercing and tattooing of animals for aesthetic reasons, and I’m going to write my law makers here about this as well asking for a law to be written to protect them.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

As Above | So Below

BvBWVW_CEAAGh4m.jpg large

OMG, I just saw the trailer for As Above | So Below, and I laughed.  Has Hollywood run out of original ideas?  It looks to me like a cross between Descent and The Blair Witch Project.  All of which were crappy, IMO.  I just learned about this film on Twitter.  I love horror movies, but they picked two of the worst horror films of my generation to copy.

Generally speaking, I laugh in most horror/thriller/suspense films.  Nevertheless, I love these kinds of movies.  I can only think of a few films that I watched that actually had me on the edge of my seat.  Nothing has made me scream of this date although.  Of course nothing can compete with the Granddaddy of all horror films, The Exorcist.  When I saw that movie as a child, it scared me crapless (LOL).  As far as more modern movies go, nothing compares to Ju-On (the Japanese version).  This film is my favorite scary movie of all time.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in viewing the trailer for the As Above | So Below, I have the link below.  I just thought that I’d share my thoughts with my readers about this film soon to hit theaters.  Thanks for reading! 😀