Month: August 2014

Breaking News: The Kansas City Chiefs Resigns Alex Smith!

The Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith have finally come to an agreement and inked a new contract. A four year, $68 (not including bonuses) million dollar contract. That comes out to about $17 million a year.

I’m happy that Alex Smith will be staying with the Chiefs. I hope that there will be much more good times, wins, and hopefully a successful trip to a Superbowl!

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Daryl Dixon is Homosexual?


There’s an article on E! Online about the possibility Daryl being homosexual and the introduction of a homosexual character. If Daryl turns out to be homosexual, it would crush the dreams of many of his lady fans.

Daryl’s orientation has really never been focused on in the series due to his character being so closed off and guarded. But has been hinted at. Personally, I don’t really care what his orientation is, but an ass kicking, zombie killing bad ass that’s homosexual? Hollywood is indeed breaking its own molds on this one. It would be one hell of a story twist.

On a related note, according to the article, the writers are intending on introducing a homosexual character in the series (author’s note: There’s already a homosexual character in the series Tara (I think she’s hot), I assume E! Online means a male homosexual character) into the series storyline. The writing for the series is very good, I’m sure the character will be just as dynamic as all the other characters on the series.

I think the news about Daryl may upset many ladies out there, I wonder what will happen if he does turn out to be homosexual? I’ll be watching my social media feeds for this one. Who needs dramatic TV shows and movies when in real life people are so mellow-dramatic? Lol

Anyhow, just thought that I’d share news about my favorite TV series. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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Someone Finally Found A Good Use for an iMac!

Image Courtesy of Miles & Aimee Harrison

I just found out that Miles & Aimee Harrison make wonderful cat beds out of Old iMacs. Cats love small enclosed areas and the old iMacs fit that bill. They gut the old machine, and make some other modifications, and *poof!* a great cat bed. 🙂

If you’re interested, here’s the link to thier store on etsy. This product is a great way to recycle old computers. 🙂