Well, this is rather disturbing.  I just read an article on Business Insider that speaks about America’s confidence in their government.  Doing further research, I found the actual article from NBC (one of the companies in the joint poll) and the results.  You can read this article here.  I also have link to the PDF results here.

Plainly from the results you can see that people are becoming fed up with the climate and events happening in the country, and they’re blaming the politicians in Washington, D.C.  Of course, with Democrat President, and a Democrat controlled House of Representatives, this speaks volumes about the party’s policies and beliefs.  When Obama was elected, I knew that things would go from bad to worse.  Unfortunately, events have proven me right.

In 40% of the people polled, one person in their family has lost a job in the past 5 years.  49% of the respondents believe that there is still a recession.  What makes matters worse is that everyone is pointing fingers at the Republicans in congress when in reality, the Democrats hold more power because of the Democrat President.  Who’s fault is it?  Really, it’s a no brainer.

With the country and the Democrats pointing fingers at the Republicans, no one has taken the time out to consider what can be done to fix the numerous problems that are facing the country.

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