Cat Behavior

Image courtesy of Dan /
Image courtesy of Dan /

I had just finished reading an article about cat behavior.  In the article the famous Jackson Galaxy was interviewed about feline behavior.  He makes some important points in the article.  The first thing that he talks about is trust.   When your cat blinks at you for an elongated period of time, it shows you that your cat trusts you, that you won’t kill him/her. Galaxy says this is like your cat telling you that it loves you.

Another way that your cat can shows that he/she trusts you is when your cat rolls onto its back.  It’s not just asking for a belly rub.  Your kitty is showing you their midline, it’s most vulnerable area.  It’s like your cat is telling you that I trust you.  If you were a predator you could kill me, but I trust that you won’t do that to me.  Galaxy further elaborates that just as a cat’s elongated blink is like like the cat telling you that it loves you, when it shows you it’s belly, its like your cat giving you a hug.

Jackson Galaxy says that cats rarely try to make statements that when you cat misbehaves it means that something in it surroundings is wrong, or making it uncomfortable.  So, if your cat pees outside its litter box, it doesn’t mean that he/she hates you, it just means that there’s something wrong, and your cat is trying to tell you.  Your cat just doesn’t act out.  Of course, some behaviors are because of the kitty’s unique personality, but most is environment related.  He goes on to say that to assume that all cats have the same pattern of behavior is just foolish.

The next topic that Jackson speaks about is felines and attention.  Unlike what many may believe, cats desire, need, and enjoy attention from their human parents.  Even if you’re really busy Jackson recommends that you spend at least 10 minutes a day brushing or petting your cat.

Interesting and informative article.  If you wish to view the article, you can do so here.  Remember to love and take care of your furry family members. Thanks for reading! 😀

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