As Above | So Below

BvBWVW_CEAAGh4m.jpg large

OMG, I just saw the trailer for As Above | So Below, and I laughed.  Has Hollywood run out of original ideas?  It looks to me like a cross between Descent and The Blair Witch Project.  All of which were crappy, IMO.  I just learned about this film on Twitter.  I love horror movies, but they picked two of the worst horror films of my generation to copy.

Generally speaking, I laugh in most horror/thriller/suspense films.  Nevertheless, I love these kinds of movies.  I can only think of a few films that I watched that actually had me on the edge of my seat.  Nothing has made me scream of this date although.  Of course nothing can compete with the Granddaddy of all horror films, The Exorcist.  When I saw that movie as a child, it scared me crapless (LOL).  As far as more modern movies go, nothing compares to Ju-On (the Japanese version).  This film is my favorite scary movie of all time.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in viewing the trailer for the As Above | So Below, I have the link below.  I just thought that I’d share my thoughts with my readers about this film soon to hit theaters.  Thanks for reading! 😀

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