Pre-Election 2014 Complete… Finally!


OK, the Primary Election here in Hawaii is finally over that the Office of Elections held a special election for the 2 polls that were closed on the big island due to the hurricane.  The major race between Schatz and Hanabusa was decided, Schatz won and is representing the Democrat party in the General Election.  Personally, I don’t care who’s on the Democrat ticket for the election, I’m Republican, but I’m glad the fiasco over this election is over (if Hanabusa doesn’t dispute).

Speaking of the fiasco, Hanabusa placed a restraining order on the Elections Office stopping them from holding the election because she claimed that the people in those storm ravaged areas wouldn’t be able to vote, and the election should be postponed till things normalize in those areas.  Talk about a publicity stunt.  Normalize?  It’ll take months for that to happen and by then the General Election would take place.  The Elections Office can’t postpone the election for that long.  The ballots need to be printed for the general election, and it would be a waste of money to hold extra elections for a small segment of the public.

Hanabusa’s supporters weren’t happy either.  One person was interviewed on the local news here saying that she was disappointed that we needed new blood in Washington.  Then why is she voting for a Democrat?  If you want fresh blood up there, the best thing to do is to elect someone from a different party.  Someone different from the same party will produce similar results because their perspectives are the same.  They have the same views.  It just doesn’t make sense.  What an unevolved, uneducated person.  Why make those kinds of comments on camera that would be seen by the entire state?  Never mind, rhetorical question. :\

vote-02-smaller_5Anyhow, below I have the candidates going to the General Election for the major races on the island of Oahu.  I only know about the elections in my district, so most of my commentary if any will be about that.

  • Brian Schatz (D)  is going up against the candidate of my choice, Cam Cavasso (R) for the seat in the US Senate.
  • For the seat in the House of Representatives District 1, we have Mark Takai (D) is facing Charles Djou (R) (author’s note: this election will probably be very close IMO).
  • In the House of Representatives District 2, Tulsi Gabbard (D) is facing Kawika Crowley (R) (author’s note, if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Gabbard will win this election by a landslide).
  • For the Governor’s position we have David Ige (D) and Duke Aiona (R)  (author’s note: if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Ige will win this election by a landslide).
  • In the Lieutenant Governor’s race we have Shan Tsutsui (D) and Elwin Ahu (R) (author’s note: if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Tsutsui will win this election by a landslide).

Those are the major races, most will be a landslide if everyone votes the same way or for the same party.  In my opinion, the candidates from the other parties didn’t generate enough votes to be an issue to either the Democrats or Republicans.  Of course, the other races is just as important, but in this election, they’re just too many to list here.  If you want full results, I suggest performing a web search.  The information that I used here is from the link below:


Make sure that you vote this coming General Election.  Remember if you don’t vote, don’t complain about the government.  Exercise your right to have a voice in the government. Thanks for reading! 😀


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