Image courtesy of Dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Why do people do such cruel things to animals?  I just read and article about people starting to pierce and tattoo their cats for aesthetic reasons.  In New York, kittens were being sold with piercings.  Why?  What’s even worse is the tattooing.  They say that the animal is put under anesthesia while being tattooed.  But, what about after it wears off?  I remember that mine hurt for a few days after I had one done myself.  Poor kitties. 😦

People on social media scream about people who post (they even go to the point of cyber bullying in some cases) videos and animated gifs files that depict the simplest things like a trained veterinarian using a binder clip on a cat to keep it calm for exam, or USAF archive footage of zero gravity testing on cats, but when it comes to things like this, people turn the other cheek.  It just shows me that people are ill informed, over emotional, lazy (they don’t want to take a few minutes and research, if they’re on social media, they’re on a computer and have an internet connection) and generally uneducated.

It’s rather disappointing that there are so many that complain, but do nothing to help the situation that they view is so wrong.  I view declawing of cats as animal abuse, and I support the Paw Project.  I have written law makers both locally and in Washington, DC asking for a law to be written to stop declawing.  Unfortunately the Democrats I’ve written could care less (Hawaii’s representatives and senators are both locally in in DC are Democrats).  I’ve written President Obama too, and got the response that he doesn’t care as well.  Anyhow, I did take action unlike most people.

Please, stop complaining about others and take action if you feel that they’re doing something so wrong.  Write your local law makers…  Contact authorities…  It is not your job to bully, swear at, or put the person down whom posted something.  I for one (and probably many others feel the same, I imagine), do not want to see that in their feed.  Take action to protect the planet’s lovable furry inhabitants.

Anyhow, before going way off topic, New York outlawed the piercing and tattooing of animals for aesthetic reasons, and I’m going to write my law makers here about this as well asking for a law to be written to protect them.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

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