Vagrant Problems in Hawaii & Democrats


The controversial problem here in Hawaii is what to do about all the homeless people (vagrants) in the state.  Our weather and the programs in place to help the homeless make this an ideal place for homeless to come from around the country.  In fact there has been speculation by the State Government that other states are flying their homeless here because of the weather and the social programs already in place (it’s less expensive for the state that the homeless person is from as well).

A pilot program that had been in place to fly the homeless home that had come from other states was killed in the local Senate and House of Representatives.  The plan was to set aside $100,000 from the fiscal budget to fly those implanted vagrants back to where they came from.  It would be more fiscally responsible to fly them home than to pour even more money into the system that cares for the homeless.  That, and I’m sure that they would love to go home, to family and loved ones whom may not be able to afford to pay for the homeless person to go back home.  As I said previously, this program was killed.  Everyone talks about wanting to help them…  Help them get home.

Then there was the law that the City Council had put into place making it illegal for people to block the sidewalks, all that did was cause protest by the so called protesting group at Thomas Square Park.  Because of whatever reason they had (IMO, it doesn’t matter what the reason was, the law was actually helping the neighborhood pedestrians with walking on the sidewalk), they had repealed the law (SMH).

Then in Waikiki, the tourist hub of the island, to try to combat the problems of the vagrants making the area look bad and homeless from harassing the tourists here; they closed parks at night, banned lean-tos and tents in public places.  The part that gets me is the punishment for breaking those laws.  Prison time and fines?  In prison, they spend a month at the most, then go back to being homeless and lurking/trespassing/etc.  The fine?  They’re homeless with no job, and can’t pay the ticket anyway.  It just makes no sense.  Normal punishment won’t work in these situations.

I’ve seen many times that the state government’s answer to the problem of homelessness is to construct more affordable housing on the island.  My response to that is, “Hello!  They have no jobs, can get no jobs, therefore have no money!  That and $350,000 for a studio isn’t affordable.  Most people making minimum wage can’t even afford to pay the mortgage.”

Then there’s Tom Brower a lawmaker here in Hawaii damaging private property to stop the homeless from taking the carts and using them to cart around their belongings.  Those carts are the property of the store, and cost thousands per cart, the more that goes missing without being returned drives up costs to the store, and in turn, the store passes that cost on to the consumer (SMH, DEMOCRATS).

Then there’s the Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness (HICH) was established in July 2011 through executive order by Gov. Neil Abercrombie (A Democrat).  They haven’t done anything as of this post, the homeless problem has only gotten worse.  They’ve taken no real action to lower the amount of homeless people here, if they have, it’s not enough (Sad).  A waste of tax-payer dollars.

This year during the elections for the seats in Washington, DC, the Governor’s seat, and locally only four candidates has made the homeless problem as key point in their election campaigns.  Two of them are Jeff Davis (Libertarian) and Duke Aiona (Republican).   Aiona says that he’ll work with the Hawaii National Guard to implement plans to help the homeless veterans in the state.  For the non-veterans, he wants to set up a Homeless court that will allow the homeless to get of the streets immediately.   Two congressional candidates have ideas as well, but it supports the building of more affordable housing.  Useless (see my comments above).

It takes a non-Democrat to think outside the box.  Here in Hawaii, we are stuck in a rut when it comes to many issues like this one.  It’s time that we elect people into office that has different values than the Democrats.  They’ve held power here in Hawaii for as long as I can remember.  They’re hypocrites, war-mongers, and busy bodies who want to solve everyone else’s problems before our own.  President Obama has shown that in his administration.  He was also slow to respond to the riots happening in Ferguson, Missouri as well.

I urge those in Hawaii to vote for someone else other than a Democrat this election.  It’s time for a true change here in Hawaii, and I don’t mean the Affordable Healthcare Act either.  If you want the links for the places that I got the information for in this post, I have them below.  Thanks for reading. 🙂


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